Xbox Live Multiplayer May Still Become Free, Journalist Insists

In the past few weeks, there has been a persistent rumor that Microsoft could completely abolish the monthly subscription of Xbox Live Gold on the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S. According to industry insider Jeff Grubb, these plans are still in place, pending official confirmation.

In the course of this morning, Microsoft finally got the hang of it and officially announced the Xbox Series S. As it is said, the little sister of the Xbox Series X is sent into the race at a price of $299 dollars.

Other rumors that have remained quite persistent over the past few weeks include the fact that Microsoft is said to have decided to cut monthly Xbox Live Gold fees in the next generation of consoles and to use online multiplayer on Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S to offer free of charge.

Since Microsoft recently pointed out that there are currently no changes to the Xbox Live service planned, we actually assumed that the no longer pay limit for online multiplayer on the Xbox platforms is off the table. As the Gamesbeat editor and usually well-informed industry insider Jeff Grubb reports, this is not the case.

Instead, it is still planned to forego the monthly Xbox Live Gold fees on the two new generations of Xbox systems and to offer online multiplayer for free. According to Grubb, the announcement suffered the same fate as the reveal of the Xbox Series S or the price of the Xbox Series X: it was simply delayed.

Statements that suggest that the whole thing will be announced at a later date. Microsoft itself did not want to comment on the current rumors so far. If there is an official statement from the Redmond company, we will of course bring you up to date information immediately.