Xbox Live Gold Will Be Terminated & Online Multiplayer Will Become Free, Journalist Claims

There seems to be enough evidence supporting the theory that online gaming on the Xbox Series X could be free. According to a well-known journalist, Xbox Live Gold is indeed on the brink.

With the Xbox Series X on one side and the PlayStation 5 on the other, both consoles of the new generation are fighting for the favor of the players in this year’s Christmas business.

The advantages with which Microsoft wants to position the Xbox Series X on the market include the subscription service called Xbox Game Pass, which gives players access to more than 100 games at a price of around $10 dollars. According to recent reports, Microsoft may also have decided to remove monthly online gaming fees.

At least that’s what the usually well-informed VentureBeat editor Jeff Grubb wants to say. According to Grubb, Xbox Live Gold on Xbox Series X will be retired to provide free access to online gaming. If the rumors prove to be true, then it is likely that the paid service of Xbox Live Gold on Xbox One will also be removed.

Microsoft has not yet commented on the latest reports about the end of Xbox Live Gold, but there were some similar rumors a few days ago. It was announced that the 12-month membership of the same service had been removed from the Xbox Store and it cannot be acquired in the future.

Instead, the Redmond company will only offer 1-month and 3-month Xbox Live Gold subscriptions in the official store. Stay tuned for further details on this topic, only on