Xbox Controller Driver Error Fix (2023)

Here are all the simple steps you can take to easily fix Xbox wireless controller driver error.

Xbox wireless controllers are by far among the top best accessories you can buy for gaming on your PC. They elevate your gaming on specific genres like racing games ( like Forza Horizon 5) and add vibration feedback your average keyboard cannot achieve. And being made by Microsoft, they work seamlessly with your Windows PC, unless you run into a driver issue. This driver issue seems to pop out of nowhere and there is no straightforward solution suggested within the options from Microsoft right away. But there are a few tweaks you can do to easily resolve this and get your accessory up and running in no time. So today we will look at how to fix Xbox wireless controller driver error. So without any further ado, let’s jump right into the solution.

How to Fix Xbox Controller Driver Error (2023)

Xbox Wireless Controller Driver Error Fix

Here are a few easy steps to fix Xbox wireless controller driver error:

  • Use Wire to Plug Controller With PC
  • Update the Xbox One Controller Driver
  • Update Windows OS
  • Connect to Xbox Console & Update
  • Uninstall the Driver & Reinstall
  • Contact the Support

Use Wire to Plug Controller With PC

This is the first thing you need to do. Connecting the driver will automatically detect the controller as an official Microsoft accessory instead of just another BlueTooth controller, and force install the required driver with the current updated version. If you are having trouble dictating the Xbox wireless controller, then try other USB cables you have. Certain USB cords are limited in data speed and deliver adequate power to your controller. So using the highest speed USB you have is recommended to find out the problem with the device and to find a solution.

Update the Xbox One Controller Driver

If the issue still persists then you can plug your Xbox wireless controller with any USB wire into the PC, and follow the below steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Store on your PC
  2. Search for “Xbox Accessories”
  3. Install the official app with an Analog-stick icon
  4. Now open the app with your controller connected
  5. This will automatically show your controller in the app
  6. Click on “Update”
  7. You will need o place your controller on a flat surface while this happens
  8. Once done, forget the controller from Bluetooth devices
  9. Now use the “sync” button to pair again with your PC
  10. To do this search for BlueTooth devices on your PC
  11. Also, hold on to the sync button (near bumper) on the controller for 3 secs
  12. The light on the controller will blink rapidly
  13. Confirm the pairing on your PC
  14. This will stop the blinking and make the controller light stable
  15. Now you are good to go

Update Windows OS for Xbox Controller Driver Error Fix

If you are still facing the same issue, then follow below steps:

  1. Press the “Windows” key on your keyboard
  2. Type in “Update”
  3. Click on “Check for Updates”
  4. Make sure to download and install the latest updated
  5. New controller drivers might need accompanied system updated to work
  6. Once done restart your PC
  7. Unplug the controller wire
  8. Now try connecting to the BlueTooth
  9. This should fix all the driver issues you have

Connect to Xbox Console & Update

Only move to the next steps if the above ones didn’t work out for you. You will also need an Xbox console to test this method. If you don’t own one, then you can do this at one of your friends’ places. You need to connect your Xbox wireless controller with an Xbox console. Then open the “Accessories” app from “My Games & Apps”. If by chance you don’t see the app on the Xbox, then you can get it from the Microsoft store for free. Once done, follow the on-screen steps to update your wireless controller. Now test your controller with your PC.  If you have already updated your Windows OS, and the Xbox controller via a console, then the latest driver will be recognized by your PC. If you are still getting the error, then a quick uninstall and reinstall of the driver from your system will be sure to fix this error for good.

Uninstall the Driver & Reinstall

Here’s how to uninstall and reinstall Xbox wireless controller driver to fix it:

  1. Right-click on your Windows start menu icon (not on the taskbar)
  2. Click on “Device Manager”
  3. This will open Device Manager, with all your drivers in it
  4. Scroll to find the Xbox wireless controller driver
  5. Right-click, and then select “Uninstall”
  6. A new confirmation window will pop up now
  7. Click on the “Uninstall” button to confirm it
  8. Wait for the process to finish
  9. Now click on “Scan for hardware changes”
  10. This is available on the Device Manager toolbar above
  11. An error message will pop u showing your USB accessory is not recognized
  12. Follow steps for the driver to be installed automatically
  13. Make sure to have an active internet connection for the latest update
  14. This should fix your issue

Contact the Support

If you are unable to rectify your driver issue even now, you need to contact customer care. Instead of Microsoft, you need to contact customer service from the Xbox page after logging in with your profile. This will make everything much easier to proceed with. There are lots of support executives who can guide you through step by step process to fix these issues, but make sure to inform them that you have already done the above solutions already, to make everything faster.

Hopefully, this guide was helpful for you to fix Xbox wireless controller driver error. While you are here make sure to check out our other Xbox Guides like How To Play 120 FPS On Xbox Series X|S, How To Get Discord On Xbox Series X|S, and COD Missing Data Pack Xbox Fix 2023 for Modern Warfare, Warzone, Vanguard.

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