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WWE 2K Battlegrounds Bagpipes: How To Use Bagpipes

Wondering what are the WWE 2K Battlegrounds Bagpipes for and how to use them? Know the answer here.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds provides a fun take on the wrestling genre with the help of arcade-like fast gameplay and wacky characters. If you are enjoying this game and have noticed Bagpipes in the Scotland arena of the game, you might be wondering how to use them. Don’t worry, we will explain how to use bagpipes in WWE 2K Battlegrounds in this guide.

How to Use Bagpipes in WWE 2K Battlegrounds


The bagpipes aren’t just a reference to Scotland but they have a benefit too. You can actually use the bagpipes in WWE 2K Battlegrounds to lower your opponent’s health. But for it to be useful, you have to make sure that the Scotland arena is unlocked. Check out the linked guide to know how to do that easily.


If you notice on your left side in the arena, there will be a bagpiper enjoying your match while playing some lovely tunes. When he stops playing (due to falling asleep), you can actually head over to him outside the ring and snatch those bagpipes from him. Aggressive. Once you are nearby, press the L1 button for PS4 or the LB button for Xbox One and take them. The button prompt will let you know that you are close enough to get them from him.


With the instrument in hand, you will be able to play the pipes and subsequently lower your enemy’s health with that. Use this opportunity to drain their energy and then going for an attack immediately. Simple, isn’t it? So, go ahead, use it right away to initiate a submission or a pin and win the match.

That is all there is to know about it. While you are here, don’t miss our other WWE 2K Battlegrounds guides on the Locker Codes and how to farm bucks. This game is available on PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One and Stadia right now.