WWE 2K Battlegrounds Locker Codes – Are there any Latest Locker Codes?

Locker Codes are like promo codes or secret codes you can use to unlock free rewards in WWE 2K20.

Are there any locker codes for WWE 2K Battlegrounds? What are locker codes and what can you unlock by applying them? In this guide, you can find more details on free promo codes for WWE 2K Battlegrounds. Locker codes are similar to promo codes or free codes you can apply in the game to unlock free items. It can unlock free superstars, free cosmetics, and many other items. WWE 2K Battlegrounds Locker codes are shared by the game developer and sometimes via third-party sources.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Locker Codes March 2024

At the moment these are the active locker codes for WWE 2K Battlegrounds.


There are cheat codes and there are also listed below. I will be updating this guide with more codes in the coming time so do not forget to visit back. You can unlock various new items in WWE 2K Battlegrounds via achievements. Every achievement is a kind of requirement to unlock new stuff in the game. That is why right now you can apply to unlock free items in the game. Below is the list of things you can do and a way to unlock a lot of free rewards in WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

  • Perform a pin successfully – I won! (50 points)
  • Control the ram and feed the opponent to an alligator – Zoologist (50 points)
  • Unlock Thunderstorm Power up – Thunderstorm (50 points)
  • Perform 20 Signature moves – That’s my signature (100 points)
  • Finish WrestleMania event – Becoming a Superstar (100 points)
  • Unlock Everglades battleground – Welcome to the Sunshine State (50 points)
  • Win Gauntlet match against 5 or higher opponents – Vs. the World (100 points)
  • Max out the Crowd Bar – Charismatic (50 points)
  • Win a Steel Cage Match – Freedom! (50 points)
  • Perform 20 Taunts – Nothing personal (50 points)
  • Win Royal Rumble against 20 opponents – Anybody else? (100 points)
  • Grab a motorcycle & a turnbuckle – Is that a legal move? (50 points)
  • Win a Royal Rumble match against 30 opponents in medium difficulty or higher – Invincible (200 points)

These are some of the achievements you can try out to unlock rewards in WWE 2K Battlegrounds.