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How To Farm Bucks In WWE 2K Battlegrounds

Bucks are the primary source of money in WWE 2K Battlegrounds. Check out how to earn both Golden Bucks and Bucks in WWE 2K Battlegrounds

Bucks in WWE 2K Battlegrounds are the primary form of currency that you can spend in the game to purchase wrestler costumes or even locked wrestlers, if you’re having trouble understanding how to earn bucks in WWE 2K Battlegrounds, this guide will show you exactly how to do it.

How To Earn Bucks In WWE 2K Battlegrounds


Before you jump into WWE 2K Battlegrounds and start collecting Bucks, you should know that there are two types of currencies in the game. One premium and the other that you can earn in the game.

The premium currency in WWE 2K Battlegrounds is called Golden Bucks and the normal currency is just called Bucks. Earning Bucks is pretty straightforward and every different action will lead to different amounts of Bucks that you can earn.

What Are Golden Bucks In WWE 2K Battlegrounds?


If you’re in a hurry and want a ton of Bucks immediately, then Golden Bucks are something that you should opt for as you will be able to purchase Golden Bucks only by spending real money in the game.

This will allow you to purchase and unlock almost everything there is to unlock in the game without much effort, it will, however, be a bit heavy on the wallet but if you’re one who likes to get everything the game has to offer immediately.

What Are Bucks in WWE 2K Battlegrounds?


Bucks are the normal currency that you can earn in the game, all you have to do is grind out results and the best way is to win matches. For each match that you win, you will be awarded a certain amount of bucks in the game.

The higher the stakes, the more bucks that you stand to earn in WWE 2K Battlegrounds, normal matches will differ from a cage match and so will the bucks that you earn.

Though earning bucks like this is a bit slow process as compared to purchasing them, make sure to keep your eye out for the Daily Challenges that you get in WWE 2K Battlegrounds as they will be one of the best ways to farm bucks.

Completing these Daily Challenges should not be that difficult and will become a steady source of earning Bucks in WWE 2K Battlegrounds.


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