Wordle Error Today: How To Fix Loading Issue

If Wordle is not working or loading today on iPhone, Android or PC, try these troubleshooting tips.

Unable to play and complete the daily puzzle due to the Wordle error today? This can happen due to multiple reasons – the NYT website could be down or it could be something on the user’s end. If you are a player who has an active win streak, not being able to play once can be especially frustrating. In this troubleshooting guide, take a look at all the possible causes and solutions for the connection issues if Wordle is not opening, loading, or working for you today.

Wordle Not Working? Here’s How to Fix Wordle Error Today

Here’s what you can do if the Wordle website won’t open or load on your PC.

Check if the NY Times Wordle Page is Down

wordle downdetector

Head to Downdetector to find out if there have been any outages reported recently. Check the user comments to know if others are facing similar connectivity problems. If the servers are indeed down, then simply wait until the website issues are fixed within the next few hours, and soon, Wordle should be up and running again.

Check your Internet Connection and Reset your router

If resetting your router doesn’t do the trick, contact your internet service provider to confirm if there are any outages from their end. Meanwhile, you can use mobile data to solve today’s Wordle.

Restart your PC or Mobile Device

Sometimes a fresh start can clear all the issues and the same holds true for website loading problems as well. Restart your device and check if Wordle is still not working.

Try Another Browser

try wordle on different browser if not working
source: Pixabay

If you use Chrome or Safari, try Mozilla Firefox and check if you are able to load the Wordle NYT website. There is a chance that the browser is bugging out or there’s an extension that’s causing issues. Turn off any browser extensions that you may be using and check again.

Disable Antivirus and VPN Temporarily

Temporarily disable your antivirus to check if it’s creating hurdles while trying to access some websites. But before that, run an antivirus and antimalware scan for safety. Apart from that, turn off any VPNs.

Check your Device’s Time and Date

change date time to load website

Check if your PC/Mobile Device’s time and date are outdated. If yes, websites may not load properly, especially those that are dependent on dates. Change the date and time to the accurate data and check if you are still facing the Wordle error today.

Ensure you have Permissions

If Wordle is not working for you, find out if the website has been mistakenly blocked/restricted from access or if you have lost any permissions from opening up certain websites.

Flush your DNS cache

To clear your local DNS cache, click on Start on your PC > Search Command Prompt > Type ipconfig/flushdns > Press the Enter key.

Try to Access Wordle via Incognito Mode

nyt wordle not working loading today

Check if you are able to load up Wordle via Incognito/Private mode. This is to test if any of your cookies are causing issues. If yes, the bad news is that you may have to clear your cache, cookies, and browser history. NOTE: This will clear your streak and history on Wordle. So do this only when you are sure of losing your daily streak. Consider this a last resort if nothing else works and the site isn’t loading for you, even if it’s working for others.

And that’s everything you can do if Wordle is not working today and you facing connection errors. Since you love to play Wordle, we’ve got more similar games that you can try out. Plus, if you would like some cheats for today’s puzzle answer, we’ve got you covered.