5 Letter Words Ending In ONY

Check out this list of five letter words that end in ONY to help you solve word games like Wordle and more.

Whether you are playing Wordle, its more complex variants, or any other word game, sometimes hints are necessary. This quick guide will list out all the 5 letter words ending in ONY so that you can get to that final answer as quickly as possible, especially for games that have a limit of attempts.

Luckily, there aren’t too many five-letter words that end in ONY but there’s a chance you might miss a particular word that’s at the tip of your tongue. Scroll through this list to get the solution.

5 Letter Words Ending In ONY

five letter words ending in ony
source: Wordle

This list of five letter words that end in ONY includes common and uncommon words, along with their meanings from Merriam Webster dictionary.

  • agony – intense pain of mind or body
  • atony – lack of physiological tone especially of a contractile organ
  • coony – showing astute and clever closeness
  • crony – a close friend especially of long standing
  • drony – like a drone, sluggish or lazy
  • ebony – a hard heavy blackish wood yielded by various tropical chiefly southeast Asian trees
  • emony – Anemone (dialectal, England)
  • goony – Black-footed Albatross
  • irony – the use of words to express something other than and especially the opposite of the literal meaning
  • loony – Foolish, eccentric
  • moony – of or relating to the moon
  • peony – any of a genus (Paeonia of the family Paeoniaceae) of chiefly Eurasian plants with large often double flowers
  • phony – not genuine or real
  • piony – archaic variant of Peony
  • stony – abounding in or having the nature of stone

These were all the five letter words ending in ONY. For more 5 letter words lists to use as hints, head over to our Wordle category.