Baldur’s Gate 3: What Is Worth Of A Single Mortal Life (Answered)

Want the correct answer to Wither's question in BG3? Find out what is the worth of a single Mortal life in Baldur's Gate 3.

When Withers asks what is the worth of a Single mortal life in BG3, it might confuse you since it is coming from an Undead entity. As answering questions from NPCs have certain outcomes, many players are looking for a correct answer. You will find Withers while progressing through the Dank Crypt dungeon during Act 1. Soon as you interact with its sarcophagus in the Overgrown Ruins, the undead will awaken from his slumber with an odd yet philosophical question. Don’t worry, find out all the answers to what is the worth of a single mortal Life in Baldur’s Gate 3 and their possible outcomes.

What is the Worth of a Single Mortal Life in Baldur’s Gate 3?

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All the answers to Wither’s question in BG3 have passable results. That’s because no matter what you answer him, Withers is satisfied hearing all answers from your character. After answering him once, Withers will ask you again, what is the worth of a single Mortal life in Baldur’s Gate 3. And depending on your selected race and class, you can get a seventh question while some players get only six questions.

Nevertheless, here are all the answers to Withers’ question for the first time:

  • Quite the question. What is the reason for it?
  • ‘So he has spoken?’ What he are you talking about?
  • Little spooked by the crawling out of the tomb bit. What are you?
  • A peaceful undead. Interesting. Why aren’t you attacking me?
  • Attack

Out of all the above answers, Withers won’t respond well to the second and third answers, or if you attack him. However, Withers responds quite positively or neutrally to the first and fourth answers. Soon as you answer Withers, he will ask you the same question, again.

This time, you can answer him whichever one of the six or seven answers you deem fit. So, here are all the answers to the Withers question in BG3 when he asks for the second time:

  1. No one life is worth more than any other. We are equal.
  2. That depends on a person’s deeds.
  3. Life’s only value is as currency. Doesn’t matter to me otherwise.
  4. Each life is of infinite value and merits sacrificing everything for.
  5. The only life that matters is mine.
  6. Depends on the mortal.
  7. Some mortals live much longer than others. I can’t compare them. (only Elf race)

You can select any above answers depending on your response since Withers will be satisfied with all the answers. Further, it neither affects your playthrough nor your quests or side-quests. Once you have answered what is the worth of a single mortal life in BG3, Withers can be found at your camp. He will offer the Resurrection Service for 200 Gold Points along with an option to respec. It will also allow you to respec your companions. Regardless of attacking or answering him selfishly, Withers will end up at the camp.

That’s all about Withers question asking what is the worth of single mortal life in Baldur’s Gate 3. If you found this guide helpful, check out our guides on how to hide version numbers, how to find Mol, and explore more BG3 Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.