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How To Kill A Gorehorn & Get Gorehorn Crest In Windbound

The Gorehorn is an animal you have to kill in order to get Gorehorn Crest in Windbound. Learn how to beat the creature right here.

If you are started playing Windbound, Gorehorn Crest is a material that you will have to find early on. The Gorehorn Crest is actually a drop from an enemy called Gorehorn. You have to beat it to get this material so this guide will show you how to kill a Gorehorn to get a Gorehorn Crest in Windbound.

How to Beat a Gorehorn in Windbound

Now, it is important to remember that the Gorehorn is a tough enemy to beat. It looks like a scarier version of a Rhino especially due to its front part. They can be spotted right from the beginning so coming across a Gorehorn is fairly easy. Taking them down, though, is a whole another story. Let’s take a look at how to kill a Gorehorn in order to get the Gorehorn Crest.

You need to first know what are your enemy’s attacks so that you know how to counter them. A Gorehorn can charge towards you and it can indicate that by the movement of its feet. Apart from this, it can also kick you from behind and bite you. From the front, it can attack you with its horns. Due to all of this, attacking it from the front or the back is not recommended.

The strategy you can use is to hit it with arrows or a spear and then dodge away from it when it charges towards you. Try focusing on its side since that’s the weaker part. If you are far enough from its back kick zone, you can also attack the back of the Gorehorn. Once you lower its health, it will start to escape but if you want the Gorehorn Crest, you need to chase it with your spear or bow equipped. Don’t get too close though because it will use its back kick even at that point.

Where to Find Gorehorn Chest

So, in a nutshell, stay at a distance, keep attacking the sides and kill the Gorehorn in Windbound. It will drop some meat along with the Gorehorn crest that you want. How can you use the meat? Well, you can cook it to increase your stamina since you will lose some stamina while performing all the different activities for survival.

That’s everything on how to kill a Gorehorn and where to find Gorehorn Crest in Windbound. Don’t miss our other guide on how to get more Sea Shards and how to find food as well.