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How To Get Sea Shards In Windbound Quickly

Here's where to find Sea Shards in Windbound and how to spend them.

Surviving by using the items and resources you find is one of the core concepts of Windbound. Sea Shards is one such resource that will help you unlock Blessings between chapters. They will give you some extra powerful buffs, weapons and items that will help you survive. Luckily, it is a currency that will stay with you even when you die no matter what your difficulty setting is. In this guide, we will explain how to get and where to find Sea Shards in Windbound.

Where to Find Sea Shards in Windbound


One way to find the mysterious Sea Shards is to play the game and complete the objectives. It is straightforward – do everything that is needed to complete the Chapter and you will get more Sea Shards. Ensure that your exploration skills are used to the maximum because it will be very useful here. Be sure to check the top of the towers and interact with the shell-shaped structures to get more Sea Shards. This is the best and fastest way to acquire them, but it is not the only way.

The second method is to find plinths in Crossing Challenges which will give you Sea Shards in Windbound. You need to activate all three towers for this.



Apart from this, you can find blue pots on islands that will help you get Sea Shards in Windbound. Smash them to obtain up to 50 Shards at a time. Even these pots or vases are rare so you cannot really count on their appearance but look for broken whitish grey objects around you – the pots can be inside them.

That’s all the different ways to obtain the blue Sea Shards in Windbound. Although there are no fixed locations of finding them since this game is procedurally generated, you can follow the aforementioned points to know where to look.

With these Shards, you can activate the towers, then do the Crossing Challenges and subsequently get and equip special items. Make wise decisions here because it will certainly impact the next part of the game.


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