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Will Seeds Of Sorrow Locations In Maruki’s Palace Persona 5 Royal

Palaces in Persona 5 Royal are some of the weirdest places you will find in the game, they are the inner psyche of the people’s heart that you’re trying to change. It is a convoluted place and is one of the best parts of the game.

Will Seeds offer additional effects and a new item when you combine all three of them and you can when you take the item to Jose in the Mementos, he will upgrade it for you. This guide will show you where to find the Will Seeds of Sorrow in Persona 5 Royal.

Will Seeds Sorrow of Locations In Persona 5 Royal

How To Find The Red Will Seed of Sorrow

To find the Red Will Seed of Sorrow in Maruki’s Palace, you will need to go to the Monitoring Room area inside the Palace. Once there look for a staircase and go up to where it leads. You will get to a small room with a chest inside.

Take the chest and look around the room for a vent. Crawl through to the other side and it will lead you to a bigger room. Here you will find a bunch of platforms and you will need to jump around until you find the sealed door. Open it and here you will find the Red Will Seed of Sorrow.

How To Find The Green Will Seed of Sorrow

To find the Green Will Seed of Sorrow you will need to head over to the Research Ward inside Maruki’s Palace. Go straight ahead and soon you will see a video in a small room. Head inside as and once you are done with the necessary story part, come back out and take the long staircase leading up the uppermost floor.

Here you will be confronted by shadows, you will need to defeat them and grapple onto the support beams. Find the duct here and crawl through it.

When you get to the other side, you will find yourself with some glass in front of you, walk over to that area and break the glass to get to the walkway below, this will take you to the sealed door and all you have to do is walk through and get the Green Will Seed of Sorrow.

How To Find The Blue Will Seed of Sorrow

Head to the Twilight Corridor to find the Blur Will Seed of Sorrow, at the final light of the puzzle floor but instead of going up the staircase, you will need to jump back to the back of the area, here you will find a sealed door being guarded by a shadow that you will need to defeat.

Once you do this, you will need to find the door which is behind three plant gates. You will need to disable all the three walls and you will have to make sure that there are no lights on when you get to the final platform.

Find your way in and turn off all the lights that aren’t needed, you will face a shadow, defeat it and enter through the sealed door. Inside you will find the Blue Will Seed of Sorry.

Crystal of Sorrow

The efforts that you put in to find all the three seeds will be met with a reward, you will get the Crystal of Sorrow for. When you get here this is almost at the end of the game. Once you get to defeating Maruki, the Metaverse will be over.

The Crystal of Sorrow will automatically restore 8% of max life and SP after each battle.

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