Will Seeds Of Pride Locations In Shido’s Palace Persona 5 Royal

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Persona 5 Royale improves upon the already amazing JRPG and in a game that plays with the duality of the human psyche. Persona 5’s additional content makes the game more polished and leaves out only a bit more.

Collecting the Will Seeds in each Palace offers a nice reward that you can upgrade later when you meet Jose. Check out how to find the Will Seeds of Pride In Shido’s Palace in Persona 5 Royal.

Will Seeds Pride of Locations In Persona 5 Royal

How To Find The Red Will Seed of Pride

To find the Red Will Seed of Pride, you will have to go to the Mid-Starboard Hallway, to this all you have to do is enter the main ballroom area as the human Phantom Thieves.

Once inside, start looking for grappling points at the balconies. Grapple up and crawl through the duct you see near, this will take you to the sealed room. Get inside and grab the Red Will of Seed of Pride in Shindo’s Palace.

How To Find The Green Will Seed of Pride

The Green Will Seed of Pride is in the Lower Port Hallway. Check that the Shido statues are on and then run to the square room that will be to your left side of the map.

Find a vent nearby and transform into a mouse, crawl through the vent and this will take you to the sealed door. Now, all you have to do is get the Green Will Seed of Pride.

How To Find The Blue Will Seed of Pride

The Blue Will Seed of Pride is found right before you get to deal with the IT tech wiz on Shido’s ship, when you get to the side deck you will see a group of platforms that go two ways.

Pick the right path and grapple when you see a grapple point, taking this will get you to a new area. Inside this area you will find some shadows that you will need to deal with, once you are done with that you will see a sealed door.

All you have to do now is defeat the powerful shadow guarding the door and pick up the Blue Will Seed of Pride.

Crystal of Pride

There’s always a reward attached to finding the Will Seeds of Pride, for your efforts you get a Crystal of Pride, this will automatically cast a defensive spell before the combat begins. Take this to Jose in the Mementos and he will upgrade it for you for free and you will get a Ring of Pride.

This ring will offer you an additional spell that causes the following attack to deal double the damage.

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