Will Seeds Of Lust Locations In Kamoshida’s Palace Persona 5 Royal

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Persona 5 Royal’s addition of different and finding these Will Seeds give the game a new dimension and it is fun to collect as the reward is really helpful. These new challenges give the already almost perfect JRPG to something better.

The Will Seeds in each Palace are carefully hidden and you have to make use of the grappling hook oftentimes to get to them. This guide will show you the location of the Will Seeds of Lust in Kamoshida’s Palace in Persona 5 Royal.

Will Seeds of Lust Locations In Persona 5 Royal

How To Find The Red Will Seed of Lust

Kaneshido’s Palace can be a really confusing place and this can often leave you not getting what you’re looking for. To find the Red Will Seed of Lust in Kaneshido’s Palace you will have to reach the chapel.

Here you will need to defeat the Heavenly Punisher. After you do this, simply grapple up the rafters.

Head straight through the hall and move towards the next objective. As you reach this area, the game will stop you and give you the tutorial for the Will Seeds.

After this, you will need to grapple over the gap and enter the sealed door, inside you will find the Red Will Seed of Lust.

How To Find The Green Will Seed of Lust

Inside the Kamoshida’s Palace, the Green Will Seed of Lust is the most difficult to find so make sure you remember that this is going to take a while. You will need to reach the roof of the castle, and right before entering the tower, you have to grapple up to start the minor platforming section.

As you reach the window, you will need to keep running and try to find the next grapple point which is right, up high in the sky.
From here grapple up to the side of the tower, and enter a small window, inside you will find the Green Will Seed of Lust.

How To Find The Blue Will Seed of Lust

When you reach towards the end of the Palace, you will find an elevator in the high tower, take this elevator and go down to a secret compartment.

Use this compartment to go the start of the dungeon, you will have to jump through a portrait of Kamoshida to do this.

Take the shortcut that you see next and hit the switch you see in the corner of the castle’s entry point. Doing this will activate a second elevator inside the secret compartment.

Go back again through the portrait and take the elevator to go down. You can find the elevator on the left side. Here you will come out in another dungeon, move ahead and you will encounter a powerful guard.

Defeat him and you will see the sealed room behind him, enter inside and you will get the Blue Will Seed of Lust.

Crystal of Lust

For your efforts that you put into collecting all the Will Seeds of Lust, you will get the Crystal of Lust. Using this on any of your party members will give them Diarama spell. When you meet Jose in the Mementos, give the Crystal of Lust and he will upgrade it for you and you will get the Ring of Lust in return.

You can use this ring to offer powerful healing and an attack bonus to the party member you heal.

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