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Will Seeds Of Jealousy Locations In Niijima’s Palace Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal brings a new set of ideas to Persona 5 which has been largely lauded as one of the best JRPG of all time. In Persona 5 Royal you get to live a life of duality, but one thing that Persona 5 Royal brought, in addition, are the Will Seeds found in each Palace.

These Seeds when all three combined together give you a new item that can be upgraded when you meet Jose in the Mementos.

Will Seeds of Jealousy Locations In Persona 5 Royal

How To Find The Red Will Seed of Jealousy

To find the Red Will Seed of Jealousy, all you have to do is once you are in Nijima’s Palace, head over to the Staff-Only Area. You can find them near the start of the dungeon itself, it is hard to miss and you can find it easily.

How To Find The Green Will Seed of Jealousy

Nijima’s Palace is the easiest Palace to find the Will Seeds, once you are inside, to find the Green Seed of Jealousy, you will need to go inside the Slot Room, you can find this just before the giant slot machine.

Once inside the room, you will find a cross-shaped hallway. There will be wings on either side of this hallway, reach the top platform, and dropdown. Turn left here and you will need to climb over some crates. Here look around till you see a grappling hook, take this and go up. Move ahead and you will find the sealed door and inside you will find the Green Will Seed of Jealousy.

How To Find The Blue Will Seed of Jealousy

To find the Blue Seed of Jealousy, you will need to reach the High Limit Lobby, you will find this after you leave the dungeon and come back.

You will need to go up the elevator to the wall behind the elevator and grapple onto the chandelier. Once you are here, all you need to do is get back down onto the back wall and climb till you see a vent.

Crawl through this vent, but be careful as there will be a powerful guard waiting for you, defeat this guard. Defeat this guard and you will need to open the sealed door behind. Here you will find the Blue Seed of Jealousy.

Crystal of Envy

Once again, for all your efforts you will get the Crystal of Envy, this crystal will offer a spell that will increase the accuracy and invasion. This effect will be available for the entire party. Take this crystal to Jose and he will upgrade it to the Ring of Envy, which will give you an additional effect that causes the first spell you use in combat to do twice the damage.

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