Why Is Monopoly GO So Popular And Addictive?

Monopoly is an iconic board game that has been around since 1935. Since then, it has been a favorite of family and friends to play together. With the world becoming more fast-paced than ever, Scopely recognized the need for a mobile version of the board game so, they launched Monopoly GO.

At the time of writing this article, Monopoly GO had over 10M downloads only on Android, which is a huge feat. It is also #1 in Family games on iOS with 1.4M ratings of 4.8 stars. Such a positive response brings us to the question – why is Monopoly GO so popular and addictive? Let’s take a deep dive into its quick success.

Why is Monopoly GO so popular?

Here are the major reasons why Monopoly GO is so popular worldwide.

A Household Name

monopoly go nostalgia
Source: Scopely

Monopoly was already a brand since it went from publishers of Waddingtons, Parker Brothers, and Hasbro over the years. You knew and heard about it even if you hadn’t played the game.

And so when Monopoly GO was released on Android and iOS and made the game available at your fingertips with a multiplayer feature, it took off almost immediately. Nostalgia (as well as advertising) played a big role in its popularity. Side Note: Even if you don’t know the game’s rules, Monopoly Go walks you through the process via the tutorial.

Monopoly Go is a Well-executed App

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While there are other games with Monopoly in the name available online and some clones of the concept, they aren’t done as well as Monopoly Go does. The graphics are stellar, the colors are great, and the game runs smoothly even on slightly older phones/devices. This made the game more accessible to a wide range of players. Scopely has also released Scrabble, and they are no strangers to transitioning board games to mobile versions.

Monopoly Go is a Free Game

why is monopoly go so addictive
Source: Scopely

It’s a free game (with optional in-app purchases), which means the day 1 audience was huge. You don’t have to spend any money to play the game, and if you like it, you will share your experience with your friends and family, leading to even more word-of-mouth marketing. If you see everyone around you playing the game, FOMO emerges.

It Adds a Fresh Twist to Monopoly

monopoly go social board game
Source: Scopely

Aside from the familiar elements like jail, taxes, collection of properties, building houses, hotels, and chance cards, Monopoly Go introduces minigames that add a fresh twist to the experience. Also, the game has a multiplayer aspect, but having someone you know to play it isn’t necessary. You can enjoy Monopoly Go single-player because the game is designed to keep you hooked and engaged for a long time.

Why is Monopoly Go So Addictive?

As you immerse yourself in the game, many of us will realize we’re addicted to it. The game is simple to understand, and based on how it’s made, you may turn on notifications to be informed of in-game updates – be it to open a chest, raid someone, trade stickers with players, or more.

Monopoly Go is addictive because it seems like an endless game – there’s always something to do every time you launch the app. There are also game aspects that will make you frustrated, and you’ll find yourself playing even more than before. Games are designed to be addictive, and this app hits the mark for players of all ages. Moreover, there are loads of rewards to be consistently earned and that keeps users hooked.

In all seriousness, if you feel like the addiction is getting a bit much and taking over the free time that you’d rather spend with your family, it’s best to remove it from your device completely. If you’re spending a lot of money on it and are ready to leave it behind, uninstall the game and delete your account.

How Much Money Has the Game Monopoly Go Made?

According to Business of Apps, Monopoly Go earned $135 million post-launch in the first four months. Moreover, the monthly revenue is seeing steady growth, making it one of the fastest-growing mobile games in the market when writing this article. The game has broken records worldwide, with a monthly revenue of $70 million in July.

And these were all the reasons why Monopoly Go is so popular and addictive. If you are also curious about the reasons behind the fame of other games like Genshin Impact, Rust, and even GTA 5, check out our articles on Gamer Tweak.

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