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Opinion: Why Is GTA 5 STILL So Popular?

Here's why I think GTA 5 breaks the boundaries of gaming and deserves all the praise and popularity it is getting - even today.

GTA 5 has been the game of the decade and rightly so. It’s safe to say that it has changed the lives of those who have played it or are playing it currently. The announcement that GTA V is coming to PS5 in an Expanded and Enhanced format shows that this game will continue to blow the minds for the next generation of gamers too. But what is it about this game that is so good? Why is GTA 5 still popular to this day even though it released in 2013? Here’s why I think this game is still relevant and thriving today.

Why is Grand Theft Auto 5 Popular?

One of the reasons is that it is made by Rockstar and they do not compromise on quality. Rockstar Games have proven time and again that they know how to keep the player addicted to their games. With GTA V, they have consistently rolled out updates which kept things fresh and exciting.

But there’s a main reason behind this game’s success and that is – FREEDOM. You have a certain sense of freedom in the game that is offered by no other game. Want to be a simple criminal? You got it. Want to be unhinged and kill everyone in your path? You got that too. Want to save someone? Yes, you can do that as well.

This game lets you experience a ‘realistic’ lifestyle that is absolutely impossible in real life for the average person. Well, you can punch a random dude on the street in real life if you want but if you don’t want repercussions from it – do it in GTA 5 instead. Of course, even there that dude might come to hit you back but you get my point. This game is basically all your fantasies coming to life. You are free to do heists, race others, fly planes or steal vehicles in the world of Grand Theft Auto.

Especially in GTA Online, which is yet another great accomplishment by Rockstar, you can live the life you want. No restrictions whatsoever. The vast amount of variety that just one game offers is incredible, to be honest. Plus, the game is stunning to look at which goes to a whole new level with some graphic enhancing mods. There’s pure joy in simply driving around the open world of Los Santos while listening to great music and watching people living their lives.

The lore that the developers have created in the game with perfectly fleshed out characters makes you feel a connection with them. When Trevor goes on an angry rampage, or when Michael has to do yoga with his wife – all of these situations create memories that will last a lifetime. Each of the three protagonists have their own backstories, different thinking and different approaches to situations. In one game, players get to experience three starkly unique lifestyles. Not many games manage to do this. There is nothing else like this game, really.

Because of its consistent popularity (which is booming now since it was given for free recently), GTA continues to dominate the gaming industry. Just take a look at all the lesser-known Grand Theft Auto facts that will show you how much thought is put into GTA 5. Right from the squelching sound of wet slippers to random compliments from NPCs for your fancy car – the details have been taken care of very well. All of this work together perfectly which is why Grand Theft Auto 5 can be considered as one of the best games of all time.