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GTA 5 Is Coming To PS5 – Expanded and Enhanced

Surprising news!

One of the very first announcements in the PlayStation 5 Reveal Event was of GTA V and it’s some unexpected and wonderful news. During the event, when the logo of Rockstar Games flashed on the screen, fans were taken aback and wondered what it could be. Well, it has now been revealed that GTA 5 will be available on PlayStation 5. Take a look at the announcement trailer here:


Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming to PS5 as an expanded and enhanced version in 2021. While that is all we know about it, Rockstar will surely reveal more in the days to come. For now, we know that the game will have tech improvements, upgrades in visuals, responsiveness, and performance enhancements to make the most of PS5’s powerful hardware.

The most surprising thing is that this Rockstar Games title is going strength to strength from PS3 to the next-gen PS5. But that’s not all. PS5 owners will also get GTA Online for free at launch in 2021. Note that PS Plus is required to play it. And from today, GTA V PS4 owners will get a whopping $1M in GTA cash every single month until the game launches on PS5. It will be deposited straight to their in-game Maze Bank account under 72 hours of log in.

During PS5’s online event called The Future of Gaming, a wide array of games were revealed. All the games that were shown included various art styles, gameplay, stories and genres with one thing common in all of them – they looked absolutely stunning. The future of gaming is surely here.


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