30 Mind-Blowing Facts about Grand Theft Auto (GTA)

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The ever-popular action-adventure video game franchise Grand Theft Auto is packed with Easter eggs and trivia that will blow your mind. It’s the fifth-highest selling video game franchise of all time which is no easy feat. It’s also one of the most controversial video game franchises ever.

Rockstar Games, the creator company, is known for adding hidden details, secrets and references in all GTA games. If you consider yourself among the fans of Grand Theft Auto and would love to know interesting facts about the franchise, then this list is for you!

Rare Facts about Grand Theft Auto (GTA)

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  1. The massive map size of GTA V is actually double the size of real-life Manhattan.
  2. There are 80,000 dialogue lines in GTA IV.
  3. In GTA V, when you wade in water, your clothes will only get wet till the point you actually go in the water. The remaining area stays dry.
  4. San Andreas’ characters Ryder and OG Loc are modeled after rappers Eazy-E and Ja Rule respectively.
  5. In the 3D universe, if you shoot the moon with a sniper rifle, the moon will change size and get bigger with every shot. When its size is maxed out, it will return to its smallest size.
  6. The GTA series was created due to a glitch in another game Race’n’Chase. In the original cops and robbers game, a glitch caused the police cars to aggressively chase the criminals off the road. Testers loved it, so the makers focused on this behavior and reworked the game.
  7. In GTA V, if you customize your car by spending a big buck, random NPCs will compliment you for it and take pictures.
  8. Steve Ogg, the actor who voiced Trevor, recorded some of his scenes in his underwear to stay in character. Method acting at its best.
  9. In GTA V, after your character is discharged from the hospital, they will still have cuts and bruises on their body.
  10. You will notice a random car spawning out of nowhere and following you in the woods at night in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. There’s no driver in it too! That’s because Rockstar spawns the car to help you get out of the woods if you don’t have a vehicle.
  11. Flip-flops aren’t stuck to your foot – they actually flop when you wear them in GTA V.
  12. Don’t take a picture of a street performer in GTA V without tipping them because if you do so, they will get angry.
  13. In GTA Vice City Stories, you can rescue Phil Collins from a killer. He’s the first real-life celebrity to appear as himself in this franchise.
  14. Grand Theft Auto V recovered its budget with only pre-orders.
  15. Michael shifts his body towards a person talking on his right side. That’s because Ned Luke, the voice and motion capture actor, is deaf in his right ear.
  16. Different characters will sleep for different amount of time depending on their lifestyle. Trevor sleeps for 12 hours, Franklin sleeps for 8 hours and Michael sleeps for 6 hours.
  17. Young Maylay, the voice actor of CJ in San Andreas, is a cousins of Shawn Fonteno, who voiced Franklin Clinton in Grand Theft Auto V.
  18. GTA IV’s Niko Bellic is based on the character Sasha from the film Behind Enemy Lines.
  19. In GTA V, if you’re talking on the phone while driving, you won’t be able to adjust your headlights because your hand is busy.
  20. When switching radio stations in Vice City, you can hear pieces from Grand Theft Auto III radio stations hidden in the radio seek noise.
  21. The main character of GTA III does not say anything throughout the entire game.
  22. When voice actors auditioned for their roles in GTA IV, they were told they were auditioning for a made-up game named ‘Frozen’.
  23. Grand Theft Auto IV is the first GTA game to feature ragdoll physics, realistic water physics, dynamic lighting, realistic object physics and realistic NPC/World interaction.
  24. In GTA V, the sound your shoes will make while you are walking will indicate that they are wet. As they dry out, the wet sounds will stop.
  25. If you shave your head or beard, your hair will grow back gradually (GTA V).
  26. Don’t like your phone’s ringing? You can change its settings so it will vibrate when you receive a call (GTA V).
  27. In GTA III, you will find many newspapers on the ground. The top news article on them is ‘Zombie Elvis Found’ with a black and white photo of Elvis Presley.
  28. In story mode of GTA V, when you enter Lester Crest’s house, you will see a picture of the illuminati.
  29. If you follow female NPCs around, they will get nervous and look over their shoulder. If you keep doing it, they will start walking faster (GTA V).
  30. In GTA V, if your characters run or exercise for an extended period, the sweat will be visible on the character’s clothes.

We hope you enjoyed these facts about Grand Theft Auto that you (probably) didn’t know. Rockstar really puts some exciting details and Easter eggs in every game and we can’t wait for Grand Theft Auto 6.