Who Made Lethal Company? Developer’s Plans Explained

Wondering who made Lethal Company? Here’s all you need to know about the developer of this indie coop game.

Lethal Company has taken the Steam by storm with its gameplay mechanics, and roster of terrifying creatures, entities, and other monstrosities. As you pummel your way through dangerous moons, it can be a bit challenging to clear out these tasks quickly. With players in the community calling the game the next Phasmobia, let me assure you it’s the best horror survival currently. But who are the developers of this game and what are their plans for future game updates?

Don’t worry, here’s where you can find out who made Lethal company and what are the dev’s plans for future game updates. In our guide, you can also find what can you expect from the upcoming updates. So, here’s everything to know about the developers who created this game.

Who Made Lethal Company?

Lethal Company was created and published by a solo developer named Zeekerss on Steam. As surprising as it sounds, the dev single-handedly developed this hit coop survival horror from scratch. The game has been widely acclaimed by the players and critics with an approval rating of 97.29% on Steam. But this isn’t the first project developed by Zeekerss. Instead, the developer has had experience as a Roblox and itch.io game developer.

The dev has created several video games with the horror and action-adventure genres. These games include The Upturned, It Steals, Dead Seater, and an upcoming new game titled Welcome to the Dark Place lined up for a release.

Who Made Lethal Company
Image Source – Steam

What are the Dev’s Plans for Lethal Company?

The Zeekerss plan to complete Lethal Company within six months since the game is currently in Early access. Their main goal is to keep on adding new content to make it “infinitely playable”. But that said, the price will remain at $ 9.99. According to the dev’s recent tweet on X (Twitter), they confirmed the next enemy is seasonal. The dev stated wanting these enemies to be in the game at release.

Further, he avoided calling them creatures and purposefully referred to them as Antagonists, combatants, foes, and enemies. So, we will have to wait and see before the developers add new terrifying dangers into the game. Until then, check out the best mods for this game to enhance your experience.

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