Who Is Black Cat In Spider-Man 2? (Answered)

If you are wondering exactly who is Black Cat in Spider-Man 2 and her relationship with other characters, then don’t worry we have got you covered. While Insomniac’s latest installment sees the debut and return of many characters from the Spider-Man Comics, there are only a few as mysterious as Black Cat in the game. Black Cat made her first appearance in 1979’s The Amazing Spider-Man Comic’s 194th issue which was drawn by Keith Pollard and written by Marv Wolfman.

Sticking to Insomniac’s webslinger series, the cat burglar first appeared in the Blackcat Stakeout activities in Marvel’s Spider-Man. And ever since many have wondered the real identity of the infamous thief in the games and her relationship with Peter going forwards in Spider-Man 2. Before going any further, there are some spoilers ahead.

With her having a more important role this time around, you might want to know everything about her. Having said that, many might even wonder who voices the character in the latest installment of the games. If you are looking for all the answers, here is everything you need to know about her in the game.

Who is Black Cat in Spider-Man 2?

Black Cat's Identity In Spider-Man 2

Felicia Hardy better known as Black Cat in Spider-Man 2 is a cunning and manipulative thief and the daughter of world-renowned cat burglar Walter Hardy. The burglar possesses superhuman agility and martial arts skills. As mentioned before, the character made its appearance in the seventeenth story mission Stakeout and DLC expansion The City That Never Sleeps as more of a side character in Marvel’s Spider-Man. While in the previous installment, you come across the cat burglar on her heist against the Maggia syndicate, this time around she has a more prominent role.

Felicia followed in the footsteps of her father in becoming the next cat burglar in New York City. After having a good run, she met Spider-Man and gave up on her criminal activities while romantically being involved with him. The web-slinger then started training her upfront. However, he soon discovered the loot she stole from the criminals they took down.

She has a complicated relationship with Peter because of their romantic interest and her criminal activities. They both are against each other most of the time. However, they both occasionally team up for a few missions while being allies. And ever since she has been an on-and-off ally of Peter Parker while taking down syndicates and other enemy mobs.

Going into Spider-Man 2, you will see Kraven The Hunter hunting down both the Spidermen and their allies including Black Cat. You will come across the now-retired thief while trying to warn her about the imminent threat in the tenth story mission Make Your Own Choices in the game. You will be able to track down Felicia playing as Miles with the help of MJ in Spider-Man 2.

Who is Voicing Black Cat in Spider-Man 2?

Erica Lindbeck returns to voice the character of Black Cat in Spider-Man 2. The voice actress had lent her voice to the cat burglar back in the first installment of Insomniac’s webslinger series. Erica has some impressive job descriptions with her voicing Misty Olszewski in Cyberpunk 2077 and Ava McCabe in Remnant 2.

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