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Difficulty Levels Guide: Which Difficulty To Choose In Wasteland 3?

Different difficulty levels in Wasteland 3.

Wasteland 3 provides four different difficulty levels, Rookie, Wastelander, Ranger, and Supreme Jerk, to choose from. Each level from the first to last increases the difficulty of winning the game. Basically, you should choose the difficulty level in Wasteland 3 depending on your skills. But to even choose it according to your skills, you should be aware of what these difficulty levels are and how they differ from each other. Hence, in this difficulty level guide, we will walk you through all of them so that you can decide which difficulty level to choose in Wasteland 3.


Which Difficulty is the Best in Wasteland 3?

As mentioned earlier, there are four different levels in the game. Each level contains an option to have friendly fire enabled. The last two levels Ranger and Supreme Jerk have the option enabled by default, whereas the first two levels have the option disabled by default. Here are all the levels and what type of players should choose which one.


Rookie is the simplest of them all. All the first time CRPG players or the ones who are more interested in the story and gameplay rather than the combat should choose this difficulty.


Wastelander is again not that difficult a level. This difficulty level in Wasteland 3 can be chosen by players who have been playing CRPG but not regularly and returning back to the genre. New players can also try their luck on this difficulty if they want something not very easy as Rookie-level and something that is not even as harder as the Ranger or Supreme Jerk level.



For veterans who have a great hand-on experience in playing CRPGs like Wasteland 3 or the ones who have already played and mastered its earlier versions.

Supreme Jerk

This difficulty level in Wasteland 3 is the most difficult of them all. Only the players who want to face extreme challenges and are really confident about their skills should be choosing this level.

Now based on your skills and experience in playing this kind of game, you can decide which difficulty level to choose in Wasteland 3. Whatever level you choose, you would always be wanting to increase the strength and stats of your character. You can easily do so by either using weapons and armor mods or by finding creepy dolls in Wasteland 3. Alternatively, you can recruit some great players at Ranger HQ by completing missions such as Wolfe’s Hunt to grow your squad stronger.


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