How To Summon Thor In Valheim

Wondering about how to find Thor in Valheim? Check it out right here

Thor makes a special appearance in Valheim only when the conditions are right and even then it is up to chance. A lot of players have stated about spotting the lord of Thunder in Valheim and those that haven’t are desperate to find him. If you wish to know how to find Thor in Valheim, check this guide.

How To Find Thor In Valheim

To find Thor in Valheim, you will have to wait until the conditions are perfect for his arrival. Make sure it is nighttime and there are thunder and lightning in the sky. Keep looking at the lightning strikes and you just might catch a glimpse of Thor in the game as he goes flying past the lightning flying away.

Maybe this is already well-known, but during thunderstorms you can sometimes see Thor flying through the skies from valheim

You can check out u/Lulle5000’s video posted on the Valheim subreddit where you can see a figure flying along with the lightning strikes. Many players have started to believe that this is Thor himself and who could even doubt them for it, as who else in Norse mythology be crazy enough to fly across the sky with lightning strikes.

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Sadly, there’s no way as of yet to find Thor himself and interact with him or any other Norse god, but that could very well change in the coming months or when the game finally releases. While this is an easter egg that we’ve been excited about, we do wonder what other easter eggs have we missed in the game. If you know more about Valheim, easter eggs do let us know about them on our social channels.

This is all there is to know about how to find Thor, the god of thunder in Valheim. While you’re here make sure to check out how to use cheats and console commands in Valheim right here on Gamer Tweak.