Valheim: How To Activate Forsaken Power

Here's how to activate power in Valheim and get your buffs.

In Valheim, you will be tasked with base building, hunting animals and collecting resources. But a special twist that makes this game even more awesome is the presence of bosses. The first boss you will encounter is the Eikthyr and after you beat this aggressive Stag boss, you will get the Eikthyr Trophy and Hard Antler. You will also be able to get Eikthyr’s Forsaken Power which will give you extra buffs when you activate it. So, let’s dive into how to activate power in Valheim since many players aren’t able to make it work.

How to Activate Power in Valheim?

how to activate forsaken power

When you choose the Forsaken power, you have to activate it by pressing F which is the default key. If you have changed the controls then take a look at the control scheme to see which key will activate it for you.

In case it is still not working, make sure that you have taken the Trophy to the Sacrificial stones. Approach the stone related to the boss you have beaten and attach the trophy. Then when you go to the rock, you will see a prompt to Activate Power which is E. If you have done this beforehand, then you can press F to use it.

What does Eikthyr Power Do?

what does eikthyr power do

Eikthyr power improves your running and jumping abilities which are essential things to do in the game. The jump and run stamina usage become -60% for 5 mins but do note that there’s a 20 minute cool down period.

What does the Elder Power Do?

The Elder Power will give you a faster wood cutting buff which is pretty awesome because you will need a LOT of wood in this game. The cooldown for this power is also 20 minutes and it will last for 5 minutes as well.

What does the Bonemass Power Do?

Bonemass’ Forsaken power gives you massive resistance. Here’s how it is described in the game:

  • Damage modifier: Resistant VS Blunt
  • Damage modifier: Resistant VS Slash
  • Damage modifier: Resistant VS Pierce

After activating it, the power will last for 5 minutes and the cool down time is 20 minutes as well.

What does the Moder Power Do?

Moder’s Power gives you the ability to always tailwind while sailing. The power time period is 5 minutes and cool down time is 20 minutes.

What does Yagluth Power Do?

Yagluth’s Forsaken Power gives you resistance from elemental damage which is basically poison, frost and fire.

That’s all about how to activate power in Valheim and what every Forsaken Power does. So go ahead, summon all bosses and beat them with the tips in our Valheim Wiki.