Where To Find Silver Ore In Valheim

Silver Ore can be pretty difficult to locate in Valheim? Check here to know where to find it

Silver ore in Valheim will help you craft not only better weapons and armors but survive the harshest conditions known to Vikings in this cold and unforgiving world, if you haven’t had any luck finding any in the game, maybe you should check out this guide to know more.

Where To Find Silver Ore In Valheim

To find silver ore in Valheim you will need to go to the Mountain biome and use your wishbone. Once you start hearing beeping and glowing effects from your character you will have found it in Valheim.

where to find silver ore in Valheim
Silver Ore can only be found in the mountain biome in the game

The silver ore can only be found in the Mountain biome and before you aimlessly start searching around, you will need to defeat Bonemass, a boss in the game, and collect a wishbone.

Once you have the wishbone, simply equip it and wander off into the Mountain biome, you should start hearing noises pretty soon once you’re here, as soon as you hear it simply start swinging your pickaxe on the ground and you will get a silver ore deposit in Valheim.

If it wasn’t evident already, you will be able to craft Silver from it and this will lead to you being able to make better armors and weapons. While finding silver ore might be the easy part, you still will need to summon Bonemass.

If you’ve already tried and failed, you can check out our how to defeat Bonemass guide to know how to take it down easily and without breaking a sweat in Valheim.

While you’re on top of the mountains, make sure to beware of the wolves while you’re searching for it in the game. They can sneak up on you and kill you easily.

This is all there is to know about where to find Silver Ore in Valheim, while you’re here we recommend that you check out our Valheim Wiki Guide to know absolutely everything about the game.