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Where To Find Hundun In Spelunky 2

Get to the Sunken City and find Hundun the boss in Spelunky 2.

Spelunky 2 is filled with hidden locations and bosses. While a huge list of such secret locations is already out there, there are yet a few that has been missed by the eyes of even the pros. Once such a hidden location is the Sunken City in Spelunky 2. There a secret boss as well in this location named Hundun. This guide is dedicated to where to find Hundun in Spelunky 2.

He is said to be the toughest of the bosses in the game. And it’s not any player saying this, the game itself gives it away in some manner. The list of secret achievements and trophies lists a trophy named Master, which can be got by defeating Hundun and completing Spelunky 2. This means that Hundun is the secret final boss of the game, and it is obvious that the last boss will always be the most challenging to take down. To know more about where to find Hundun in Spelunky 2, follow this guide.


Where to Find Hundun

As mentioned earlier Hundun is found in the secret location Sunken City. So we will focus on how to get to the city here. To reach the Sunken City, you will need the Tablet of Destiny which you can get from the Duat location. Below is the step-by-step list of what you need to do to get to the Duat and collect the Tablet of Destiny.

  1. Find the golden key and open the golden chest to get the Eye of Udjat
  2. Purchase Hedjet from the Black Market
  3. Enter the cave in 3-1 and get to the top to get Ankh
  4. Enter the lower door in 3-1 and get to the Temple of Anubis
  5. Kill Anubis and get Scepter
  6. Use Hedjet and Scepter to enter the City of Gold in 4-2
  7. Find a large Kali’s Sacrificial Altar in the City of Gold
  8. Fall from a height on the Altar to die, don’t worry Ankh will revive you
  9. You will respawn in Duat, now kill Osiris to get the Tablet of Destiny


Once you have the Tablet of Destiny, you can get to the Sunken City and find Hundun in Spelunky 2. Now move to the biome 6-2 and open the Tablet. The Tablet of Destiny will have 3 clues. Collect a figurine according to the clue and go down to 6-3.

Put down the figurine that you have here in this biome. The figurine will break and you will get Qilin, which is a flying mount. Now head straight to 6-4 with Qilin. Now you need to be very careful with Qilin as it can take up to four shots only and if you don’t have it, you cannot enter the Sunken City.

Either by avoiding 6-4’s boss Tiamat’s shots or killing him, fly to a secret optional door. This door will take you to the Sunken City where you can find Hundun in Spelunky 2.


Now you know where to find Hundun in Spelunky 2. But it is going to be really difficult to beat Hundun in Spelunky 2, you can get and take Excalibur Sword along with you. Excalibur is a powerful weapon that can help you take down Hundun in Spelunky 2.