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When Should You Stop Leveling In Elden Ring? (PvP & PvE)

Not enjoying the game as you feel fights are getting too easy? You should consider stopping to level up in Elden Ring.

While playing Elden Ring, there will come a point where you will ask yourself when should you stop leveling? This is a good question and is plaguing the mind of many players. The answer to this question is not exactly easy as everyone has a different reason to play. You might be playing to eliminate every enemy in one shot, or might enjoy invading other players to test your skills. Since your reason to play this game might be different from others, hence the answer to this question will also be unique to you. So in this guide let us take a look at when you should stop leveling in Elden Ring.

When Should you Stop Leveling in Elden Ring?


when to stop leveling up in elden ring

You should stop leveling in Elden Ring based on how you want to play the game. This is sort of a vague answer but there are two main factors you need to consider when deciding if you should further level up or not and they are:

  • PvP
  • PvE


Let us take a look at things to consider in them.

Stop leveling for PvP

The unofficial meta for PvP is 150 at the moment. Hence, if you want to experience more fair fights for yourself and others then you should stop leveling at level 150. But that level might not be enough based on how you have distributed your stats for PvE, especially in NG+. That is where PvE comes in.


PvE leveling limitations

If you only plan to play PvE always then you shouldn’t stop leveling at all. In fact, you can better optimize how you level up by learning about the Soft Caps for each stat. Soft caps are nothing but a level after which that stat doesn’t give worthy returns for leveling up. I urge you to check our dedicated guide for more detailed information on it.

Once you reach the soft caps for each stat you can start factoring in which stats are worth leveling more than the others. There is also the thing that after a certain point you won’t get as many runes so leveling up will get even more difficult.


Another thing to keep in mind is the game’s difficulty. When you over level-up your character some of the bosses can feel super easy. So if you want some challenge in your fights then that is also a cue for stopping to level up. This also applies to upgrading your weapons, as over-powered weapons can also spoil the fun for you by finishing the fights early.

That sums up this guide on things to consider for when you should stop leveling in Elden Ring. If you do plan on playing PvP then you should check our guide on the best PvP build to use in Elden Ring.