Blox Fruits: What To Do In Second Sea

The Second Sea in Blox Fruits is a whole new world waiting to be explored. To get to this place, you will need to complete Level 700. There are a ton of exciting features and rewards you can unlock once you start doing quests in this area. You can refer to this guide in order to understand what can you expect to find in the Second Sea in Blox Fruits.

Blox Fruits: What to do in Second Sea

Second Sea Blox Fruits
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Below, we have listed the things you can do once you have unlocked the Second Sea.

Unlock Superhuman

This Fighting Style can help you deal great damage during battles. Although just entering the Second Sea isn’t enough to unlock it, you will need $3,000,000 and 300 Mastery on Water Kung Fu, Electric, Dark Step, and Dragon Breath. You will have to then go and visit the Martial Arts Master who will then teach you this powerful Fighting Style.


The currency used in the Second Sea is called Fragments. You will have to earn or purchase a lot of it, as and when you get the chance because Fragments are used to buy all in-game items. You will also need a large sum of this currency to get to the Third Sea.

Haki Colors

You might think that purchasing Haki Colors is just a waste of fragments. However, once you reach the Third Sea, they will be useful while summoning rip_indra Raid Boss. Additionally, they can also be used as an accessory. You can purchase it from the Master Of Auras NPC who will randomly spawn. If you see him, you can interact with him to buy a Haki color for 1500 Fragments. However, Legendary colors will go up to 7500 Fragments.

Change Your Race

Most of the players in the game belong to the Human Race. The rest belong to Angel, Mink, Rabbit, and Shark Race. Once you come to the Second Sea you can change your race. To do this, go to the Cafe and talk to the NPC named Norp. You will have to pay him 3000 Fragments to change your Race. It will be a random selection and you will either get Human, Shark, Rabbit, or Angel Race. Apart from this, the whole randomized selection process can also be purchased by spending 90 Robux. You can find this option in the ‘Shop’ section.

Sea Beast

You can spawn the Sea Beast once you are in the Second Sea. All you need to do is use your boat and spend time in the Sea. This Beast will spawn randomly, without any warning. Defeating it will be beneficial for you as, once you destroy them, you are rewarded with fragments.

These are all the exciting features you will find in the Second Sea. You can also check out how to get Mink Race V2 and Diamond Boss Spawn Location.