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Elden Ring Things To Do First

Learn what you should do first in Elden Ring from this guide.

Elden Ring can be a Challenging Game at times. It’s not common to die like 10 times to the same boss or enemy. It is especially tough when you start a New Game. As you start a game, you should do certain things that will give you an edge in the early game. This will allow you to beat a lot of the Hard early game enemies and will also carry you top the Mid-game & End-game. In this guide, I will show you what things you should do first in Elden Ring.

What Things You should do First in Elden Ring?


what things to do first elden ring

As you start a Fresh game, you will have to choose a Class. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter what Class you have but if you need to choose one then I recommend you to check our Best Starting Class For Beginners guide. After choosing a Class, you will be put into the Tutorial Area. I highly recommend you to explore this area entirely as the basics of Elden Ring Will be thought to you. Now once you have exited the Starting area, you will find yourself in Limgrave. There will be plenty on Sites of Grace that you should discover. After unlocking 3 Sites of Grace, you will get Torrent. Torrent is your Horse Companion that will accompany to throughout the game.

From the Tutorial region, head north to the Church of Elleh where you will encounter Merchant Kale & a Smithing Table. You will be able to buy Items, Weapons & Armor for Runes and will be able to upgrade them. North from there, you will end up at Gatefront Ruins where you will be able to fight some enemies and also will be able to loot the Caravan for the Lordsworn’s Greatsword. There are underground Tunnels that you should explore to get other Weapons & Items. You should also get the Whetstone Blade. Another thing you should always do is unlock the Section of the Map. On your Map, you will find Map Fragments & Markers. Go to them and collect them.


A good early game Skill you should have is the Hoarfrost Stomp. A good Staff you should get is the Meteorite Staff. You should also get the Flask of Wondrous Physick. If you so these Things First in Elden Ring, you will get an early edge in the game. This was all about the things you should be doing first in Elden Ring. Hopefully, this guide has helped you.