Payday 2: What Is The Offshore Account For? (Explained)

Wondering what is Offshore account and how it works in Payday 2? Then, scroll down to know more about it.

Just like you, many Payday 2 players are having the same question, i.e. what is the Offshore account used for? A large chunk of the heist income is tossed into this account and is not accessible directly. Many veteran players are considering it as a Swiss account but don’t exactly know how it works. If you’re also left with a fraction of your hard-earned money and are frustrated about it, then let us put your mind at ease. Below we have mentioned all about what is Offshore account and how you can use that money.

How Offshore Account Works in Payday 2?

How Offshore Account Works in Payday 2

As mentioned earlier, in Payday 2 the Offshore account works as a Swiss account where 80% of your income is safely transferred. There the money gets laundered making it untraceable in order to keep it safe. So whenever you get caught, you don’t have to be worried about going broke. However, players won’t be able to spend or withdraw the money directly. And it can only be used in a few ways, such as. Buying Contracts on, Unlock Skill Profiles, Betting in Offshore Payday, & Unlocking the first 5 Infamy Levels.

Buying Contracts on is the most important usage of an Offshore account. As it can allow you to reinvest your heist money to get missions and get richer. Similarly unlocking the Skill Profiles is also vital. That’s because it not only gets you new equipment but also abilities and other improvements.

Whereas betting in Offshore Payday is also a good method to spend cash. It allows the player to draw the cards without requiring to complete heists. But do note, it is a high-risk, high-reward mechanic and the drops are pretty random. That brings us to the last usage of the Offshore account, which is unlocking the first 5 Infamy Levels. It serves as a requirement to level up a player’s Infamy, where they must have at least 200,000,000 in their account.

That’s everything you need to know about what is Offshore account used for in Payday 2. If you want to spice things up in the game, then check out the best Mods for PC. Also, take a look at the ways to farm Continental Coins easily.