What Is The Zapfish In Splatoon 2

Zapfish in Splatoon 2 is a source of power for Inkopolis. You can find one in each level. Check out everything about Zapfish here

Zapfish in Splatoon 2 is one of the most important sources in the game. They’re characters in the game that need to be saved. If you have any confusion about it, make sure to read this guide until the end.

What Is A Zapfish In Splatoon 2

Zapfish in Splatoon is the main power source of the Inkling’s world, your objective is to find and save as many Zapfidhes as you can. Zapfish can be found at the end of each level in the Hero Mode of the game. You will need to rescue them and this will enable you to proceed further in the game.

zapfish splatoon 2

Rescuing all the Zapfish in the game will eventually help you save the giant Great Zapfish who is the ultimate source of Inkopolis. To rescue it, you will need to shoot the surrounding sphere with ink. But you will need to defeat the boss of each level before you can save the Zapfish.

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You can even find the Zapfish from Splatoon 2 in other Nintendo games as well, like Super Smash Bros Ultimate and others. It has been a common character that can be seen in plenty of Nintendo games.

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Each level of Splatoon 2 will have you rescue Zapfish before you can challenge DJ Octavio to save the Giant Zapfish and bring everyone back to Inkopolis.

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