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Best Guns To Use In Splatoon 2

The best guns in Splatoon 2 will offer you versatile use in various game modes. Make sure to check out these legendary weapons

The best guns in Splatoon 2 will offer you a lot more benefits as compared to your ordinary weapons and you can even take out your enemies easier and faster than ever before. Using these guns will certainly give you an edge over your opponents and you should definitely pounce on these weapons as soon as possible in Splatoon 2.

Best Guns In Splatoon 2

Splattershot Jr.
N-Zap 89
N-Zap 85
Splat Dualies
Splat Charger
Tetatek Splattershot
Splat Charger
Enperry Splat Dualities
Aerospray MG

best gun in splatoon 2

These are the best guns that you can you use in the various modes of Splatoon 2. Most of these guns will suit your natural playstyle and you will be able to even change up your playstyle if the need be.

This list includes all range of weapons, from long-range to short-range, and how you use it depends on what type of gamer you are. We recommend that you N-Zap 89 or the N-Zap 85 for more traditional gun gameplay, but the Splat Charger is where things start to get interesting.

We tried countless guns during our gameplay and found these above-listed guns to be the most usable and devastating. You get more damage per hit and on top of that, you also get more freedom to use the gun in your own particular style.

These best guns in Splatoon 2 will offer you a good range and precision that other weapons just fail to deliver. While there are other weapons that you should definitely check out when it comes to guns we don’t think that there’s anything better.

This is all there is to know about what are the best guns in Splatoon 2. If you’re looking out for a new experience, make sure to check out how to play as Octaloon in Splatoon 2 if you’re already bored of playing as an Inkling right here on Gamer Tweak.