Monopoly GO: What Happens When You Go To Jail

Landing on Go to Jail can sometimes be profitable in Monopoly GO. Don’t know how? Read along to find out.

Monopoly GO jail rules are similar to Monopoly, except that this also has a way to earn hundreds of Dice Rolls at once. Performing Jailbreak depends on luck when you play this board game, but it is worth it at times. Like the normal ones, the board here has two types of prison tiles: one is Just Visiting, and another is Go to Jail. What happens when you Go to Jail and what happens when you just visit are completely different too. Curious about it? Scroll down to learn how it is not always a disadvantage.

What Happens When You Land on Jail in Monopoly GO

What Happens When You Land on Jail in Monopoly GO
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When you land on the Go to Jail tiles of the Monopoly GO, you will get to roll the dice thrice. If you get the same number in both dice even once, you will perform the Jailbreak. The best part about this Jailbreak is that it even gives you twice the number of rolls you spend while landing on it. To put it simply, if you were using the x50 multiplier, you would get 100 Dice Rolls.

The downside to this feature is that if you don’t get the same numbers, you have to pay some cash to get out of prison. It will not store your rolls like the Free Parking, so once you have lost them, they are gone. Though the fine depends on your Net Worth and board level, it is not much in comparison to what you pay during a Bank Heist and spend on Landmark repair.

Just Visiting is another jail tile you often land on during the game. Similar to Go to Jail, it will not store your Dice Rolls, but there is no fine here. You are actually just visiting it. The tile is only important during events, as some of them require you to land on it to collect points.

That’s all you need to know about what happens when you Go to Jail in Monopoly GO. Since you are already here, you should see our other Monopoly GO guides, like what happens if you go Bankrupt and where to find Golden Stickers.