What Happened To Link’s Arm In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom?

The answer about Link's new arm had been known to us all along.

With the new Zelda game, we see a new set of abilities for Link. But to use them he uses his right hand, which seems to have changed a lot since BOTW. So many fans of the series are wondering what happened to Link’s arm in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. And after rewatching all the trailers released so far, it turns out we might already have the answer to that question. So here is every possible thing known about his new hand so far.

What Happened to Link’s Arm in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom?

Link's Arm explained for Zelda TotK

Link’s arm gets burned off by malice in the upcoming game. Or at least it has to be some magic or another thing that looks like malice. This is interesting because when you rewatch the trailers there are many things we can uncover about Link and him getting his new powers. Here is why I think Malice is behind Link’s new Arm.

In the Official Trailer #3 of the game at timestamp 2:57 we see Link getting attacked by some sort of dark-red energy which is very similar to Malice from Breath of the Wild. This scene also explains why the sword looks burned and half destroyed in the game’s logo.

Does Link Lose His Arm?

No, it doesn’t seem like his arm gets chopped off in Sekiro fashion. But it also isn’t the same one as he had in Breath of the Wild. So we can assume that after the Malice attack, it becomes heavily charred. And Link decides to attach the new rings or bracelets around his arm that also let him use his new abilities like Fuse, Ascend, and more.

When will Link get his New Arm in TotK?

when will link get his new arm in Zelda TotK

Link should get his arm after the exploration scene of the cave. In the 2019 Sequel to BOTW Trailer, we see Link and Zelda explore some sort of Cave. And this place is where we first see a hand on an enemy that could be Ganondorf. So after the events that happen here makes the most sense for Link to get his Arm’s new modifications. But this part is pure speculation and Link could turn out that he gets it at some other point in the game. Because, for all we know, this might be a flashback of some other character.

That was all on the possible speculations about Link’s new arm in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. So while you wait for it to release you should check back on all the previous games in the series in our order of Zelda games based on Story and Release.