Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom New Abilities Explained

These are all the abilities showcased in the gameplay trailer of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

The new Gameplay reveal of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom had new abilities and many things to show us. Since its sequel was announced in 2019 fans everywhere have been restless to know about this game. And after watching this trailer, we can say that the game already looks worth the wait. So here is every new detail known so far about Zelda TOTK and the things it has to offer.

New Abilities in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

every detail and ability revealed for zelda totk

There are 4 new abilities shown that will be in The Legend of Zelda: TOTK. Let us quickly dive in and check what they are:

  • Recall
  • Fuse
  • Ultrahand
  • Ascend

In the gameplay trailer, Eiji Aonuma said that the development for this game is complete. But since this was only a trailer, there is a high chance that not all abilities of Link have been revealed. And we might find a few more of them when the game releases.

Also note that the trailer didn’t show the use of the abilities from the original game. So we are yet to see if Stasis, Magnesis, Cryonis, and Remote Bombs are still there or if have they been replaced. And while it is not confirmed, we can’t see any reason to remove them so they should be in this game as well. But let us not digress, here is what each of the new abilities does:


legend of zelda totk recall

This power rewinds the movement of an object. We can see Link use it on the fallen piece of rock. It then takes him high enough for him to use his Paraglider to reach the sky island.

Its color scheme is similar to Stasis, so there is a chance you might switch between these two abilities. While its other uses haven’t exactly been shown. Recall is most likely going to be very important in solving puzzles in the new dungeons. And of course, you should also be able to use it in combat.

Fuse – Best New Ability in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

legend of zelda totk fuse

This ability has only been used a few times and it already has a huge potential. In the trailer, we see Link fuse a stick with a boulder to make a makeshift hammer. Yes, it does increase its damage. But the more important thing to notice here is the stick was about to break. And after fusing its durability felt like it was completely restored.

So one of the interesting ways to use it would be to fuse two weapons or objects that are about to break. To get something that is not only completely new but also more powerful.

We even see Link fuse white Chuchu jelly to instantly use an ice arrow. Or fuse Keese’s eyeball to make a homing arrow. It will be interesting to see how this ability is used outside of combat for puzzle-solving and the game’s Temples.


zelda tears of the kingdom ultrahand

Another interesting ability that is introduced in this game is Ultrahand. While Fuse was focused more on combat, this feels is more needed for traversing the new Hyrule. In the trailer, we saw Link stick 3 logs and two fans to make a boat to cross the river.

But later we also see him craft a flying raft for flying. A thing to notice here is how much the battery got consumed in the two vehicles. Since the boat only had 2 fans it didn’t deplete as fast as the raft. So this is sure to be a thing you will have to consider when making vehicles.

And it is also safe to assume the game will let you fuel the vehicles you make to keep the battery charged. Because the raft didn’t fly too far. Since it works upon hitting, that might be one way to keep it charged.


zelda tears of the kingdom ascend

This last ability is sure to lift your spirits. Not sorry for the pun. But seriously, this ability was needed a lot. Climbing was one of the most taxing activities in BotW, especially when it started to rain. If you are climbing and it starts to rain then you can say goodbye to your stamina.

But now if there is a cave, you can simply fly up using Ascend and reach the top of whichever mountain you were trying to climb. This is another ability that will make exploring the world fun. And like the other abilities, it is exciting to speculate how the different dungeons will make use of it.

Things you might have Missed in the Zelda TOTK Gameplay Trailer

things you missed in zelda tears of kingdom gameplay trailer

  • Map Coordinates: The mini-map now shows you 3 coordinates. So sharing a cool new location, for your friends to explore should be even easier now.
  • Glowing Towers: Some towers were shining from below. This could be the same as the Towers in BOTW to unlock the map. Or they might have some other use.

The above two were something fairly easy to miss.

Other Detail shown in the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Trailer.

  • Yellow Trees: Producer Eiji Aonuma specifically pointed out that these trees won’t be seen much on the surface. There is a possibility that they could be important to get some special resources.
  • Constructs: These are the new enemies in the game. We don’t know yet if they can only be found on Sky Islands or will be on the ground as well.
  • Sky Islands: Lastly, there are now islands in the sky in this game. So we will have more areas to explore. There is a good chance that we will get at least one dungeon here.

That sums up everything new that we could find in the new Zelda TOTK gameplay trailer, and possible ways of using the abilities. While you wait for this game to release why not complete BOTW again? If you do play it then be sure to check our guides on how to get the paraglider, the best horses, and start a fire.