How To Make Fire In Zelda BOTW

There are many methods to start a campfire in Zelda Breath of the Wild (BOTW).

Zelda BOTW is packed with dangerous creatures throughout the open world and survival can get tough sometimes. One of the important aspects of survival is having a fire for warmth, to cook food or pass the time. How to start a fire in Zelda: Breath of the Wild? This guide will answer your questions.

How to Make a Fire in Zelda Breath of the Wild (BOTW)

There are multiple ways to start or make a fire in Zelda BOTW depending on the purpose you need to use it for.

Make fire with Flint & Wood

  • Players can obtain Flint by hitting the Ore deposits found in the world. For Wood, you can cut trees using your Axe.
  • As soon as you have these two items, open your inventory.
  • Select Flint and from the small menu that appears, select HOLD.
  • Next, hold Wood.
  • Drop both of these items on the ground near each other.
  • Use your metal weapon to hit the Flint. It won’t work with any other type of weapon.
  • This will help you create a fire easily.

Using Flint on a Campfire that’s Not Lit

If you find some stacked wood without any fire, you need to drop a Flint on/near it and attack to set it on fire.

Explosion of Red Chuchu Jelly

If you haven’t obtained Flint yet, you might already have some Red Chuchu jelly. These are drops from Fire Chuchus. Drop a Red Chuchu jelly near some wood and attack the jelly. This will make it explode and set the wood on fire. Players can also expose normal Chuchu jellies to fire to transform them into the red variant. Another use of the Chuchu jelly is for the creation of Elixirs by cooking, for which you will need fire too.

Use a Torch

When you kill the Bokoblin enemies, some of them can have a Torch that they will drop. Pick it up and take it near a lit campfire. It will catch fire and you can use it to navigate around a snowy region. You can set an unlit piece of wood on fire with it as well.

Use Normal Arrows

Equip a bow and arrow to Link and take it near a fire. The normal arrows will catch fire. Now you can shoot this arrow on a pile of wood to start a fire.

Use Fire Weapons or Fire Arrows

For normal weapons, you have to set them on fire first. But for Fire weapons, all you have to do is attack wood (campfire or ones dropped on the ground) with them and set it on fire.

These fire weapons are:
Great Flameblade

Using Bomb Arrows

Other than fire arrows you can also use bomb arrows to start a fire. But these arrows explode so it is best if you shoot them from a distance at your target.

So, these were all the different ways to make fire in Zelda BOTW. Since the game throws a lot of challenges in different situations, it’s crucial to know what exactly to do to survive and thrive as Link. Now that you know this, find out how to get the legendary horse Epona in this game as well.

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