Zelda BOTW: How To Get Paraglider

This is how you can get the Paraglider in Zelda Breath of the Wild.

When you start playing Zelda BOTW one of the first things you want to get is the Paraglider. It is arguably one of the most important items in the game. You could even consider it to be more useful than Master Sword for once in the game. And the good thing is you get the Paraglider quite early in the game as it is part of the main quest. So without further ado let us check how to get the Paraglider in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (BOTW).

How to Get the Paraglider in Zelda BOTW

the legend of zelda breath of the wild botw get paraglider
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You can get the Paraglider in this game by completing the four shrines in the Great Plateau and talking to the old man. After completing the trials you need to go to the Temple of Time. There you can talk to the old man and he will give you the Paraglider. Here is how you can get the Paraglider:

  1. When you start playing the game and come out of the Shrine of Resurrection, you can see an old man by a campfire.
  2. Talk to him or you can go anywhere.
  3. You will hear Zelda’s voice and she will ask you to go to the location marked on your map.
  4. Go there and activate the Great Plateau Tower.
  5. After you activate the tower go back down.
  6. Before going down you can choose to mark the four shrines from the tower. To do that press the right joystick to enter the scope mode of your Sheikah slate. Now press A to place pins on the four shrines. This is an optional but quite helpful step.
  7. Once you reach down the old man will fly down to you and ask you to go to the Oman Au Shrine and get the treasure in exchange for the paraglider.
  8. After completing the first shrine he will again fly down at you and tell you to complete three more shrines.
  9. Complete them all and the old man will again fly down to you and will ask you to meet at the center of all four shrines.
  10. This place is the Temple of Time. You should fast travel to the Shrine of Resurrection to get there fast.
  11. Go to the Temple of Time and pray to the Goddess Statue. You can find the old man at the top of the temple.
  12. Climb up and go to him. He will tell you his story and then give you the Paraglider.

These are the shrines that you need to complete to get the Paraglider:

  • Oman Au Shrine
  • Ja Baji Shrine
  • Owa Daim Shrine
  • Keh Namut Shrine

While you could complete the shrines in any order, you should complete them in the order listed above.

That covers everything you need to know about how to get the Paraglider in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (BOTW). Since you like playing this game you should also check our other guides on how to start a fire, get the Gerudo outfit, and the best horses in the game.

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