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Which Fruits Can Be Awakened In Blox Fruits? (Answered)

Here are all the fruits that can be awakened in Blox Fruits.

Want to find out what Fruits can be awakened in Blox Fruits, then look no further. Since the Update 11 of the One Piece inspired game rolled out, many new features were introduced. This included the Fruits awakening feature which helped in utilising the complete potential of the fruit. But many players don’t know which fruit and how many fruits can be awakened. If you’re one of them, then keep reading to get your answers.

What Fruits Can Be Awakened in Blox Fruits?

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As of now, we only know of 12 fruits that can be awakened in Blox Fruits. They are:

  1. Flame
  2. Ice
  3. Quake
  4. Dark
  5. Light
  6. Rumble
  7. Magma
  8. Buddha
  9. Sand
  10. Phoenix
  11. Spider
  12. Dough

You will be able to awaken any of the above fruits in the game. However, this can only be done in a game mode called Raid. It was introduced in Update 11 of Blox Fruits. Once you complete a Raid, you will be rewarded with a special currency called Fragments. The amount you get however is random. You can receive anywhere between 250 to 1,000 Fragments per Raid. However, keep in mind that you will have to be atleast Level 1100 to participate in Raids. You will also need to get a Raid Chip which can be bought from the Mysterious Scientist for 100,000 Beli.

After completing a specific Fruit raid, you will meet an NPC who will awaken your Fruit in exchange for Fragments. If you want to fully upgrade a fruit in Blox Fruits then you will need at least 14,500 Fragments. This can also go up to 17,000 as well for some expensive fruits like Quake.

That’s all you need to know about what fruits can be awakened in Blox Fruits. We hope that you were able to find the answer to your question with this guide. If you’re a huge fan of this popular Roblox game, then check out the best scripts, best fruits tier list and all working codes on Gamer Tweak.