What Are The Waffle Answers Today? Game Hint

Here are the hints and answers you need to solve today’s Waffle game.

With Wordle taking the world by storm, many similar games came out that were more challenging. Waffle is one such game that requires you to swap letters in a grid to ensure that all letters are green. You get a total of 15 swaps so you must make your every move very carefully. To help you with some Waffle hints, we’ve got an answers guide for you that we update daily.

So, if you are stuck at any word or only have a few swaps remaining, you can check back here every day to know the Waffle answers for the day.

Waffle Hints for November 16, 2023

  • First word across: Rapid transit
  • Second word across: A class in the Diablo 4 game
  • Third word across: Passageway
  • First word down: Having separate modes
  • Second word down: Short and thick digit of the hand
  • Third word down: In a peculiar manner

We will be sharing the answers for today below, so if you don’t want to be spoiled and want to attempt the answers yourself, now is the time to turn back!

Today’s Waffle Answers for November 16, 2023


Waffle Hints for November 15, 2023

Before getting to the answers, if you’d like to see the hints first, here they are:

  • First word across: Scene of crime
  • Second word across: Coffee drink
  • Third word across: Lift or elevate
  • First word down: Found in Madagascar
  • Second word down: Plural of cactus
  • Third word down: To look fixedly

Answers for Yesterday’s Waffle Game for November 15, 2023


How to Play Waffle Game

how to play waffle game
source: Waffle game
waffle game strategy
source: Waffle game

You will be shown a grid with 6 words hidden in them. Some letters will be already green and you cannot move them.

Some letters will be shown in yellow and that means, they are in the correct line (horizontal or vertical) and they need to be moved to their right spot to make them green.

Lastly, some letters are in grey and they can be the last letters you move, based on the green hints you’ve received till now. So, make sure to focus the yellow letters first and get them green and then move the grey ones to complete the word.

But during all of this, don’t forget to keep an eye on the swaps remaining, shown at the bottom of the screen.

And this was all about the Waffle hints and answers for today. If you are also playing Wordle, we’ve got the daily hints and answers guide for you right here.