What are the PlayStation Store Discount Codes? (2024)

Here’s everything you must know before you use a PS Store Discount Code.

The PlayStation comes with an endless list of gaming discounts, but let’s face it, those digital options can feel like they are hard to access at times. Don’t worry if you are budget-conscious. PlayStation Store discount codes are your secret weapon, unlocking hidden values and letting you buy items at a much lower price.

But before you use any different kinds of PlayStation store codes, here’s our guide to ensure you save as much as possible below.

What Exactly are these PlayStation Store Discount Codes?

Think of PlayStation Store Discount Codes as magical passwords shared by Sony itself or relatives/friends gifting you a game. These codes unlock various deals, from sweet percentage discounts to fixed price reductions on specific games and your new console.

Imagine grabbing that AAA new release for 20% off or finally adding that classic gem to your library at a steal. That’s what these codes are made for. Understand the difference between these and the Voucher Codes to ensure you buy the right codes for yourself.

what is a playstation store discount code
Source: PlayStation Twitter/2018

Where do you find and buy a Playstation Store Discount Code?

Official sources are your safest bet – Sony sprinkles codes throughout their website, social media channels, and even email newsletters. You might even find some from gaming websites and publications. Some even offer exclusive deals for their loyal readers.

Retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target are treasure troves of discounted PlayStation Store gift cards. Watch for special promotions and clearance sales.

And then there are third-party websites that compile and update code lists. Approach these with caution – stick to reputable sources and beware of scams!

Things to Keep in Mind When you are Buying These PS Codes

  • Read the Fine Print: Before redeeming a code, check if it applies to your desired games, has an expiration date, or is locked to a specific region.
  • Combine Codes for the Best Results: It’s possible that some codes might stack so make sure to look for the best combination, providing you some awesome discounts.
  • Redeem them Quickly: If a code is popular or recently revealed, make sure to redeem it fast so that you can claim the rewards before they expire.
  • Scam Alert: Never share your PSN information or pay for a code. Be alert and only stick to official sources.
  • Browser Extensions: Extensions like Honey and Rakuten hunt for and apply available codes at checkout, so you can try them as well.
  • Price Trackers: Tools like PS Prices track price fluctuations, letting you know when a game hits its historical low. So, if a particular game is on your wishlist, this is where you need to look.
  • Mobile Apps: Various apps like Slickdeals gather deals from various realms, including the PlayStation Store.

This is everything you need to know about PlayStation Store discount codes and how to use them. Ensure you are familiar with these tips, set a target for the PlayStation digital store, and prepare to claim your greatest discounts.