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Sims 4: All Werewolves Aspirations

Wondering which Aspiration you should pick in the Werewolves game pack in Sims 4? Check them out to help make the decision.

Aspirations have always been a part of Sims 4 and the Werewolves game pack adds more of them. The expansion gives players 5 new aspirations for their Sim. While the first one is compulsory for every werewolf to complete. The next 4 you can choose from and each of them is unique in its own way. So let us quickly check all the Werewolf Aspirations in Sims 4 and their milestones.


Werewolves Aspirations in Sims 4

sims 4 werewolves aspirations
Image Credit: Deligracy on YouTube

There are four Aspirations that you can choose from in the Werewolves game pack. They are:

  • Emissary of the Collective
    • Focuses on you joining the ranks of Moonwood Collective and becoming the Alpha.
  • Wildfang Renegade
    • Similar to the previous aspiration, this one makes you join the Wildfangs and the final goal here is also to become the Alpha.
  • Lone Wolf
    • Unlike the first two aspirations, this one is a solo journey for your sim to be the strongest.
  • Cure Seeker
    • This aspiration is for those players that want to turn their character back into a normal Sim instead of staying a Werewolf.

But before we learn more about them, completing the Werewolf Initiate aspiration is a must. This is the first aspiration that is mandatory for every werewolf. Only after that can you select any of the above 4 aspirations. And to complete the Werewolf Initiate you need to:

  • Become a Werewolf: There are four ways for you to achieve this goal. I recommend you check our dedicated guide on how to transform into a Werewolf.
  • Level up to Runt: After becoming a werewolf you need to level up your ranks.
  • Experience a Full Moon: This you can do once there is a full moon in the game. The best part is once the moon is out it affects you even inside your house. So you don’t necessarily have to be out in the wild.
  • Read Werewolf Books: As the milestone says read Werewolf books.

After you are done with the initiation, you will get a popup that will let you choose the above-mentioned aspirations. Below are the Milestones for all of them.

Emissary of the Collective

  • Join the Moonwood Collective: The first goal is to become a member of the Moonwood Collective wolf pack.
  • Socialize with Werewolf Friends: The next milestone is to make werewolf friends with the pack and be part of the community.
  • Be a Good Werewolf Ambassador: Climb up the ranks while being a good werewolf. This means you can’t go around attacking and turning other sims into werewolves.
  • Become Alpha of the Moonwood Collective: The final milestone of this Aspiration. You become the leader of the Moonwood Collective pack.

Wildfang Renegade

  • Join The Wildfangs: This milestone requires you to join the Wildfangs instead of Moonwood Collective.
  • Turn Sims Into Werewolves: You have to turn 3 normal Sims into werewolves.
  • Werewolf World Domination: Go around fighting other werewolves.
  • Become Alpha of the Wildfangs: Here too the final step is to become the Alpha wolf of the Wildfangs.

Lone Wolf

  • Level up to Apex: Increase your werewolf Sim’s rank to Apex.
  • Unleash the Beast
  • Spar With Werewolves: Fight with other Werewolves.
  • Defeat Greg in a Werewolf Brawl: Fight and beat Greg.

Cure Seeker – Sims 4 Werewolf Aspirations

  • Harvest Moonpetal: Find and harvest Moonpetal.
  • Collect Wolfsbane: Find and gather Wolfsbane.
  • Craft Wolf-B-Gone: Use the above ingredients to make the Wolf-B-Gone cure.
  • Drink The Cure: Make your Sim take the cure and become normal again.

That covers all the Werewolf aspirations in Sims 4 and their Milestones. If you are playing this expansion and you need some extra help then you can always use the Werewolf cheats. And for more help with this expansion check out guides on what tray importer is, how to fix broken mods, and more.