Palia Weekly Wants – How To Keep Track?

Not sure how to learn about the Villagers Weekly Wants in Palia? Here is how you can know about them.

Though villagers can receive gifts every day in Palia, those gifts might not be what they want. Giving them what they like and love with our gift guide will get you Aggressively Generous titles, but not “You Know What I Want” and “You Know What I Love” titles. You need to learn about the weekly wants of the Palia villagers and give them exactly what they need. Remember getting these titles will also reward you with Renown, so it’s the best bargain.

There are various ways to know about the Weekly Wants in Palia. And there is also a method to learn about them outside the game. Curious about how you can do that? Follow along to learn all you need to know regarding the Weekly Wants gifting system.

How to Discover Weekly Wants in Palia

How to Discover Weekly Wants in Palia
Image Credit: Queenya on YouTube

There are three ways to learn about the Weekly Wants in Palia. You can talk directly to the NPC whose wants you wish you know. Talk to someone close to them. And lastly, check the Weekly Wants list on the internet. Several sites are focused on keeping track of the Palia villager’s weekly Wants. As wants are not necessarily what they usually like receiving.

Every week you can discover up to four items any villager wants. When you approach a villager, just talk to them. After talking to everyone, you’ll find some Weekly Wants. You can go to the relationship tab to keep track of their wants. As you can see in the above picture, Weekly Wants has four options, two with one thumbs up and two with two thumbs up. One thumbs up is what they would like to receive this week. And two thumps is what they would love to receive.

After you have gifted them the items from the Weekly Wants list, you’ll see the green right tick on them. As your relationship with the NPC improves, you’ll get to know about their loved Weekly Wants.

Now, that wraps our guide on how to discover Weekly Wants in Palia. The fantasy world of Palia is filled with wonders. If you are new to this world, you’ll find our Palia guides useful. We have covered topics like how to catch fish, where to find Ship Fragments, and more.