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Valorant: All Weapons & Guns Tier List

Here is the Tier List of All the Guns & Weapons in Valorant.

Valorant is a tactical First Person Hero Shooter game created by Riot Games. Even though you play as one of the many Agents on the Roster, you are primarily going to kill your Enemies with Guns. Weapons in Valorant play a very important role & with every update, the balance of power shifts between them. The game has a variety of weapons that fit certain roles like SMGs for close-range & Snipers for long-range. Certain guns are going to be better than the others. In this guide, I have made a Weapons Tier List of all the Guns in Valorant from the absolute S Tier to F Tier.

All Weapons & Guns Tier List in Valorant

weapons tier list valorant

Here is the Weapons Tier List of all the Guns in Valorant.

Tier Valorant Guns & Weapons Type of Weapon
S Tier Phantom Rifles
S Tier Vandal Rifles
S Tier Classic Sidearms
A Tier Operator Sniper Rifles
A Tier Marshal Sniper Rifles
A Tier Ghost Sidearms
A Tier Sheriff Sidearms
A Tier Guardian Rifles
B Tier Bulldog Rifles
B Tier Ares Machine Guns
B Tier Frenzy Sidearms
B Tier Judge Shotguns
B Tier Shorty Sidearms
B Tier Spectre SMGs
C Tier Odin Machine Guns
F Tier Bucky Shotguns
F Tier Melee Knife
F Tier Stinger SMGs

As we can see from the above Tier List, The S Tier Weapons in Valorant are both the Major Rifles, i.e. Phantom & Vandal, as well as the Classic. They are the best at what they do and are the go-to for most if not all situations. The A Tier ones are solid Weapons themselves but are outperformed by the S Tier Weapons. Nonetheless, they are worth using. B Tier is a bag of good Weapons, they are a bit niche but can get the job done. C Tier consists of bad weapons. To use them properly, you will need an info Utility like Sova’s Dart to be effective consistently.

Finally comes the F Tier, They are weapons that are outclassed by every other weapon in the game. What role they fill in can be easily filled by any other gun which will provide even more value. At one point, they used to be the most broken guns in the game but have since fallen from grace, except for the Knife.

This was the Weapons Tier List of every Gun in Valorant. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guide on Ascendant Rank Explained in Valorant.