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Elden Ring Weapon Scaling & Damage Explained

Using your weapons and wondering what the "+" and additional numbers mean for the physical attack in Elden Ring. You should learn about weapon damage and scaling.

Many players are looking for an explanation for how weapon scaling works in Elden Ring. If you are one such player then worry not, as you are at the right place. Weapon scaling is a very important concept in the game as it affects how much damage your weapon can do. So in this guide let us see how weapon scaling and damage work in Elden Ring.

How does Weapon Scaling work in Elden Ring


how weapon scaling works in elden ring

Weapon scaling works by scaling up or increasing the damage output of your weapon using the different stats or attributes of your character. It is a fairly simple concept that once you grasp will help you become powerful quickly. In order to properly understand this concept let us take the example of the weapon below.

When you buy Longsword from the Twinmaiden Husks at the Roundtable hold you will see that the base damage of the weapon is 110. You can also check from the equipment screen that this weapon scales with the attributes of Strength and Dexterity. So in the above image, our character has 31 Strength and 32 Dexterity. Hence the Longsword has the physical attack power of 110 + 39.


how weapon damage works in elden ring

Next, we upgraded our weapon to Longsword+1. Now the base damage of the weapon increased from 110 to 116. Here we have not yet upgraded our Strength or Dexterity. So Longsword+1 has the physical attack power of 116 + 42.

elden ring weapon damage explained


Finally, we leveled up our character’s strength attribute by 1. So now our character has 32 Strength and 32 Dexterity. So even though we didn’t upgrade our weapon, you can see an increase in the physical attack power. It is still Longsword+1 but now it has the physical attack power of 116+43.

That is why weapon scaling is useful, even if you don’t have the required materials to upgrade your weapon. You can simply level up your character stats and increase the damage output. The more you upgrade your weapon. The better its attribute scaling gets. So in the case of Longsword the Strength & Dexterity have a scaling of D. But when you upgrade it to Longsword+10 its scaling becomes C for Strength and D for Dexterity.

That explains everything you should know about how weapon scaling works and how it affects the damage in Elden Ring. Now that you know how weapons work you should also check our guide on how the Character Stats work in this game.