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Dying Light 2 Water Tower Choice & Consequences

Wondering how the Water Tower choice will affect the story of Dying Light 2? This guide will help you out.

Progressing in Dying Light 2 will bring you to the Water Tower and Jack & Joe choices. While the latter isn’t so important the first one definitely impacts the game in many ways. And if you are wondering which is the right choice to make, then you are not alone. This choice is one of the only choices that are somewhat impactful in the game when compared to the others. So in this guide let us learn about the Water Tower choice in Dying Light 2 and what to do with the Jack & Joe choice. Also, learn their impact on the story.


Dying Light 2 Water Tower Choice Outcomes

jack and joe choice in dying light 2

The biggest impact of the water tower choice in Dying Light 2 is the perks you get. If you give the Water Tower to the Survivors you get ziplines. And if you give it to the Peacekeepers they will add more car traps to the cars throughout the street which you can make explode.


What happens when you Give Water Tower to the Survivors?

As explained above the biggest benefit is getting ziplines. This will help in many ways to traverse the area. In terms of missions, you will get the “Revolution” mission. The perks you get for giving the water tower to the Survivors are more focused on parkour. So if your playstyle involves a lot of parkour it is best to go with this choice.

What happens when you Give Water Tower to the Peacekeepers in Dying Light 2?


When you give the Water Tower to the Peacekeepers you get Car traps. The perks here are more combat-focused like you get the PK crossbow, one of the best weapons in the game, and some other traps. As for the mission you get the “Into the Dark Main“.

Minor spoilers warning, if you are too anxious to make a choice remember that their major outcomes don’t affect much outside Old Villedor.

While you should still consider the above factors when making this choice, if I had to recommend a choice then you should go with the Survivors. I felt the outcomes in their story aren’t as heavy as the one when you choose Peacekeepers. In order to prevent spoiling the story, I won’t reveal what the eventual outcome is of both choices.


What to do about the Jack and Joe Choice in Dying Light 2?

There are two sets of choices in this encounter the first is to fight or negotiate with them. This choice doesn’t matter as both the outcomes lead to you negotiating with them. But the second choice is somewhat important.

If you choose I will help you, they will survive and you can meet them later for a side quest. And if you choose I won’t help you, you start fighting them. Spoilers ahead, you will eliminate them. Also, that side quest mentioned above will be gone. So if you want to play more then help them, else don’t help.

That sums up this guide on the Water Tower and Jack & Joe Choices and their outcomes in Dying Light 2. You should also check our other guides on this game for how to get back to the central loop, how to use unlimited money glitch and the best graphics settings for Dying Light 2.