Watch Dogs Legion Full Map Screen – All Borough Locations Guide

Watch Dogs Legion is an open-world game with a lot to explore. But certain tasks are highly important and must be completed first.

In Watch Dogs Legion, to turn people Defiant, you will have to focus on the Borough task. There are 8 borough’s in the game. The entire city is divided into these 8 different regions that showcase the diversity of London City. Every borough has some set of the tasks which contributes towards turning people defiant. Completing these tasks also rewards you with skilled operatives like a Hitman or a Paramedic. By adding them to DedSec you can powerup your fight for freedom.

Watch Dogs Legion Full Map Size

Watch Dogs Legion Full Map Size Revealed

Click the above image to view the Watch Dogs Legion Map size in full. The city is divided into 8 prominent regions. The smallest one among them all is Nine Elms. You can visit this place, complete all the increased Defiant tasks, and unlock Professional Hitman from here. We have a detailed video on how to unlock the Hitman, you can watch below.

Watch Dogs Legion Borough’s

  1. Camden – Hacker
  2. City of London – Beekeeper
  3. City of Westminster – Spy
  4. Islington & Hackney – Football Hooligan
  5. Lambeth – Drone Expert
  6. Nine Elms – Hitman
  7. Southwark – Anarchist
  8. Tower Hamlets – Gateway Driver

Above you can see the list of all main regions of Watch Dogs Legion. Along with it, you can also check out which special operative you can unlock by playing all the increase defiant mission.

Tips to use Map in Watch Dogs Legion:

  1. Do not forget to unlock the Construction Worker. This operative can summon a cargo drone and fly over buildings. It’s slow by highly useful.
  2. Fast Travel points are revealed automatically on the map. They are marked in circle and line through it.
  3. Completing Borough Missions like Sabotage, or Killing a VIP reveals more map locations.
  4. If you are playing on a Standard Edition you can use a Booster that reveals all collectibles locations on the map.

There is still a lot to explore, like the secret Defalt Mask. If you struggling to unlock some exclusive operatives in Watch Dogs Legion then hit the link and check under the Character Recruitment section. There is a list of all types of operatives you can recruit in the game.