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Warzone Uplink Station Location Guide

Find out all the Warzone Uplink Stations Locations in COD to help you access a crashed satellite to get rare and epic drops.

There are multiple Uplink Station Locations around the COD Warzone map. These Uplink Stations are part of a new COD update. As you use these Uplink Stations you get the chance to get rare drops and items you can use for mounting an offense. So, let’s find out where you see these Stations in the game.


All Warzone Uplink Station Locations

Unfortunately, there aren’t specific spawn points for the Uplink Station. So, you will have to actually scour the map and look for them. They can usually be seen by the side of roads. You can identify them as small, green-colored boxes. However, the more common spots for the Uplink Station to spawn is Airport, Boneyard, and Military Base.

Once you get to an Uplink Station you will have to secure the Uplink Box. After successfully doing this you will get a pop-up notification warning about a Satellite Crash around you.

Warzone Uplink Stations Locations

Usually, this drop takes place very near to the uplink station. However, if you were to miss it, the game will also give you a location guide as to where the satellite will crash. For the most part, the Satellite will crash very near to the Uplink Station location in Warzone.

Once you find the Satellite Crash all you have to do is go and interact with it. Doing so will allow you to get a lot of unique items in the game. You also stand a chance at getting rare weapons along with UAVs and armored trucks.


If you successfully get 5 Satellites to crash you will also complete the Ground Fall challenge event.

This is everything you need to know about all the Warzone Uplink Station Locations in Call Of Duty. Now that you are here you can even have a look at the Red Door locations in COD to get rare and epic weapons and loot.