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Red Door Locations In COD Warzone

Find out all the locations of the Red Doors in Call Of Duty Warzone that you can use as portals to travel to rooms filled with loot.

There are several Red Door locations in COD Warzone. Using these red door portals you can access rooms filled with loot in the game. This will give you a definite edge over your enemies in the game. However, you will first need to find such locations. So, let’s find out where you can come across these portals in Warzone.


Where are Red Door Portal locations in COD Warzone

Red Door Locations Warzone: How To Use Red Door Portals

  • Inside the fully-built plane in the Factory.
  • Underneath the half-built plane in the Factory.
  • Upstairs inside the northwest end of Salt Mine’s northernmost building.
  • Large building located towards the southwest end of Salt Mine.
  • In the central building of Summit.
  • In the Old Mine southwest of Summit.
  • On the scoreboard located at the west side of the Stadium.
  • Underneath the commentator’s box at the south end of the Stadium.
  • On the second floor of Nakatomi Plaza.

However, there are some things you should note about these Red Doors.

These locations mentioned above aren’t guaranteed spawn spots for the Red Doors. A Red Door might spawn at one of these spots in a game but not in all places.

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All the Red Door locations mentioned above in Warzone are the currently available ones. There might be new spots added in the future as players explore the map more.

Also, once a player enters a red door, it will be closed for all other players in the game. This red door will teleport the player randomly to any place in the Verdansk map. Inside these rooms, you will find Legendary crates as well as Epic-level weapons and their ammunition.

This is everything you need to know about all the Red Door Locations in Warzone. Now that you are here you can also have a look at how to get the special weapons in Call Of Duty Warzone.