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Halo Infinite Campaign All Warship Gbraakon Collectibles Locations

In this guide check out the locations of all the 4 collectibles that you can get in the Warship Gbraakon in Halo Infinite Campaign.

Halo Infinite would feel incomplete if they wouldn’t have given any collectibles for you to find. Thankfully there are plenty that you can find in the game. And it begins from the first mission itself. There are 4 collectibles that you can find in it. So in this guide let us take a look at all Collectibles Locations in Warship Gbraakon in Halo Infinite Campaign.

All Warship Gbraakon collectibles locations Halo Infinite

warship gbraakon all collectibles locations in halo infinite

These collectibles include 3 audio logs and a Skull. Below is the information on how you can find them.

  • UNSC Audio Log 1: This is the easiest collectible on this list as you don’t have to do anything to get it. This audio log is called “The Plan” and you get it once you can play as Master Chief.
  • Spartan Audio log or the UNSC Audio log 2: Fight the small group of banished and head for the elevator and go up. When the door opens you can find a stack of containers in front of you. You can find the audio log leaning on them and it also has a peculiar blue glow. In case, you miss it and don’t see it then you can also take the help of your scanner to find it.
  • Skull or the Boom Skull: Keep progressing with the mission until you find yourself in a room with two floors, it has three lifts on the right. Get on the middle lift, once it goes up, turn right. You can see the Boom skull glowing in blue. Go towards it and collect it.
  • Banished Audio log: Continue progressing with the rest of the mission until you reach the bridge of the warship. You can spot this audio log with an orange glow. It is leaning against the wall in the room besides which you can also see some grenades and guns.

If you still have trouble finding any of the above collectibles, then use your scanner when you are near the above-mentioned areas. That will help you find them.

That sums up this guide on all collectibles on Warship Gbraakon and their locations in Halo Infinite Campaign. If you like playing this game then check our other guides on all high value targets locations and best gear upgrades.