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Warframe: How To Get A Tranq Rifle Easily

Get the Tranq Rifle.

Due to the Heart of Deimos quest, there has been an upward steep in players looking for Tranq Rifle. This Rifle is used to capture and conserve animals. However, getting this Tranq Rifle in Warframe is a little challenging. That’s because you won’t be able to get it from Son in the Naturalist. The Son handles all the animals’ related trade but he does not have the Rifle to offer you. To make this challenge simpler, here’s how to get a Tranq Rifle in Warframe.

How to Get a Tranq Rifle in Warframe

To get the Tranq Rifle, you will first have to collect Solaris Standing. This currency is what you will need to buy the Rifle. Head to Eudico near the gates to Orb Vallis in Fortuna. Completing the tasks given by her will reward you with a certain amount of bounties. Keep on completing the tasks until you have 500 Solaris Standing with you.

Once you have collected 500 Solaris, head straight to The Business at Fortuna on Venus. The NPC there will allow you to purchase the Tranq Rifle. Purchase the Rifle and you can capture and conserve animals to get Son Tokens and progress in Entrati Syndicate in Warframe.

Entrati Syndicate opens up a whole new Warframe world to explore. You can enter the Entrati Syndicate only if you have completed the Heart of Deimos quest which requires Tranq Rifle. Entrati Syndicate also brings various new weapons and quests that can reward you. For instance, you can get the Spinal Core Section in Warframe to craft items.

That’s all you need to know about how to get a Tranq Rifle in Warframe. You can also complete other activities in the game such as getting all the Acolyte Mods to give a tweak to Warframe or farm Orokin Cells.